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Don’t miss out on studying in 2006

Australia – If you have accepted an offer to start studying in Australia in February/March 2006 (first semester), we welcome you to Australia. Contact a counsellor with any questions you have while you are adjusting to life in Australia and be sure to attend all of your international student orientation sessions.

If you would like to start studying in Australia starting in July/August 2006 (second semester), we encourage you to apply early for best consideration. Contact us for assistance with selecting a course or completing your applications.

US – If you would like to start studying in the US in September 2006 (first semester), we encourage you to submit your application early. Contact us or the institution with any questions.

UK – Applications are being accepted for students interested to start studies in the fall of 2006 (August/September) for most disciplines. Applications are now being reviewed on a rolling admissions basis. Contact us to discuss your study plans and get help selecting a course.

If you are applying for medicine, dentistry or veterinary science, applications have closed for 2006 entry. Consider applying for 2007 or applying for a different course starting in 2006. Contact a counsellor for assistance in selecting a course.

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Daer Sir,
Please you give me advice that i will be sussess in life because i am only Post Graduate [ India from C.C.S. Uni., Merrut(U.P.)] person and i have some knowlege about computer (Basic and Tally). So please you give me advice that what will be i do and which couse is betar for me.
Please you give me advice as soon as possible.
Thanking You
Nitin Kumar Goel
(India - Delhi)

Dear Sir,
I am graduate and want to intiate a IT course on online, would u like to tell me such inter net sites for online course of IT(Computing)
Hayat Brohi

i am interest ACCA or Accountant course.Kindly give me the names of the univesities in Australia that gives admission 2006 without IELTS exams and low fees and no visa interview.Plz help me

i am interest ACCA or Accountant course.Kindly give me the names of the univesities in Australia and U.K that gives admission 2006 without IELTS exams and low fees and no visa interview.Plz help me

i am interest ACCA or Accountant course.Kindly give me the names of the univesities in Australia that gives admission 2006 without IELTS exams and low fees and no visa interview.Plz help me

i am very interest early childhood development studies but now i am following diploma in early childhood development coures .so i need advanced diploma coures .so please i want more information about my studing.

i AM interested in marketing management in bachelor degree.Kindly give me the names of the universities in Australia,that gives admission 2006 without IELTS exams & low fees & no visa interview please help me..i am interested in mass communication also please kindly sugggest me to study in australia

im a graduate of industrial engineering course... presently i work in a government agency... lately i have been involve in environmental work like solid waste management, international coastal clean-up, sagip ilog council (save the river council) and many more and i camn say that i not only enjoy it but gives me a sense of fulfillment knowing that in one way or the other i can help in cleaning and saving mother nature.... in this regard may i ask for your help to please give me the list of any organizations or schools in australia that i can apply to in order to expand my knowledge and be of great help in saving our mother nature... thank you and hoping to hear from you soon....


Dear Sir,

I am 22 years old turnign 23 couple of months from now. But being my age, I may say i got so in a hurry as compare to other career seekers.
I used to dream to study and eventually pursue MBA program but unitl now I dont see any signs of opportunities.

I used to evaluate myself if i do need it. Currently, a production clerk in my newly company. But despite of its small beginnings, I dont loose up my dream to succeed. And pursuing graduate study is one of the finest reason that I know would contribute a large part in advancing my career.

Please advice me about ths matter. What should be the right age in pursuing the said course. I got so much resources from he net about the pros and cons in taking up higher education....

Pls guide me about the details of the necessary preparations that i may take for now....

Please help me..


Dear Sir,

I want to get admission in MBA (Finance). I already completed BBA (Hons.) Please send me prospectues and information brochures about that and guide me furthe.

Muhamamd Umer Somro

I have finished my A'levels and now planning to start my University studies. i would like to know about the total cost and lving expences in Australia, as my major would be Business Adminsitration. Or is it possible to get Crdit transfers from Srilanka to Australia after the first 2 years. Pls reply.... thank you!

respected sir,
I am Sunil.s from bangalore India sir iam interested in taking up an advanced diploma in engineering technology in Australia in Melbourne {swinburne university}
. i wanted the information on finances regarding the living expenses in melbourne and addtitional fees which are all charged by the university .
sir and i also wanted to know how to plan my monthly budget in melbourne.
sir even i wanted to know few things about getting a part time jobs in melbourne Sir, i have completed my mechanical trade apprenticeship as a "tool and die maker"{press tool jigs and fixtures} where this was a course of 4 years in MICO BOSCH Company, for this qualification will i be able to get a better job part time.
sir i hope i will get the required details by you.
thanking you
yours sincerely

Hello sir,

I am a B.Sc graduate and
now I am intrested in doing M.B.A
in Australia,but i am totally unknown to Australia. So please help me and sort the problem of mine.i.e., please tell me how can i apply for Australian University and what are all the entrance exams that i should take to enter Australia..

i am interested in IT course.Kindly give me the names of the univesities in UK that gives admission 2006 without IELTS exams and low fees and no visa interview.Plz help me

I have Midwifery MS and I interested in to take part in Midwifery Phd , please tell me how I can do this?

Ineed to study English online.
how can ?

Dear Sir,

I am Linaflor Constantino, 35 years old, from the Philippines and still aiming to pursue a Masteral Degree in Environmental Management. I want to apply for a scholarship in Australia... please help me find University that is offering scholarship for the course.
I am currently connected with a local NGO with thrusts on biodiversity conservation.
Your help and assistance will be very much appreciated. Thank you very much.


Dear sir,
I am an MA and B.Ed. in English.
I want to pursue MA in creative writing. I want to know any organitation or institution who can fund for my studies.
Please help with your suggestion.
Thank you
KP Subedi

sir,im doing my first year in india..i would like to pursue my post graduation course in australia(melbourne).im interested in management studies...can i know the best universities and the amount of expenses i will have to let me know about the part time jobs too????

thanking you,

sir, i like 2 study Bsc.IT in uk or australia. how can i get admision 2 dat universities?? can u send me the course duration and the course fee and all the details...
thnk you...

Hi :
I have a master of degree in water resources management and I want to continue my study in Ph.D in austrailia .please help me what should I do ?

sir, i like 2 study Bsc.IT in uk or america. how can i get admision 2 dat universities?? can u send me the course duration and the course fee and all the details...
thnk you...

sir, i like 2 study BCom.IT in uk or america. how can i get admision 2 dat universities?? can u send me the course duration and the course fee and all the details...
thnk you...

Hi All,

Thank you for your enquiry. You can use the StudyLink website ( to search for a course, request additional information, and apply directly through our online applications. StudyLink specializes in Australian, North American, and European study options. You can start by using our online course search. Enter an area of study in the keyword box (i.e. civil engineering, marketing, mathematics), select a location and award type from the boxes and click 'search now'. For many of the applications, you can apply directly with our official online applications by clicking the 'apply now' button on the web pages. Click on the course titles for detailed information including duration, fees, and entry requirements.

While StudyLink services are free, students are responsible for funding their education and other expenses. You may want to have a look at the institution websites for any scholarships they offer and look for scholarship and loan options available in your home country. You may also want to look at the Rotary International scholarship information, If you are interested in Australian study options, you may be eligible to apply for an AusAid scholarship, see the AusAid website for more information,
Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you and to helping you with your study plans.

i'm going to study aeronautical studies. i'm very excited about it.
i'm looking forward hearing from you
i would join in your institute.
thank you

I am very interested in doing greaduation inproduct design. please help me to find an institution which can offer a national recognised degreeand provide any type of scholorship or bank loan.

dear sir,
this is arjun goud studing degree final year ( iwill be finishing final year by may2006.then after i want to study MBA (finance)in america or australia. but i have financial problems by that my parents r not encouraging me to do MBA now what r the options to study MBA IN AMERICA or AUSTRALIA give some sugesstion so that i can study MBA(finance) or not.
thanking you
your's faithfully

dear sir, i applied for australian university last month however didnot hear any thing from them so i need some advice as in what i can do.

Hi Sir

i am the student of 1st year collage and next year i will complete my INTERMIADATE GRADUTION and im the student of PRE-MEDICAL, so will u plz help me to give me some informatioms about the UNIVERSITIES of AMERICA or AUSTRALIA, im really very interst to study there. im relatad from the not so rich buta good family so will u plz help me i will waiting for your reply.

thank you

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