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Fast-track your way to university

In the past, if you didn’t get into university, you could repeat your senior year in secondary school, enrol in a vocational college or get a low-paying job. Today, you have many more options. Some of these options will even get you through university faster than the traditional alternatives, so you can begin your career sooner.

The university-level Diploma program is one such option for students who completed senior secondary school but who didn’t meet the direct entry requirements for university. Diploma programs such as those offered by IBT Education colleges are the equivalent of the first year of a Bachelor degree at various universities in Australia and the United Kingdom. Upon successful completion of a university-level Diploma program, you may enter second year of the appropriate Bachelor degree at the related university. For some international students, this option could save you up to 16 months of study as you don’t need to undertake a foundation program.

A second option is a Degree Transfer Program. Colleges such as Eynesbury International in Adelaide offer Degree Transfer Programs that give you entry into Semester 2 of the first year of a Bachelor degree.

Another option is a university foundation program. These programs may be offered to international students by universities or private colleges, generally as bridging programs to prepare international students for their transition from senior secondary school to undergraduate studies in another country. However, some private colleges offer foundation programs to international students who have completed the equivalent of Year 11 in Australia or O Levels in the United Kingdom, which lead to university-level Diplomas and then the second year of a Bachelor degree. So you don’t even need to have completed senior secondary school.

For those who are keen to experience university life, some private colleges are located on university campuses so you get to enjoy full access to all of the university’s facilities and services including libraries, computer laboratories, sporting facilities and on-campus accommodation. These colleges also have programs that are based on the curricula of well-known universities and are taught by university lecturers so you get to experience the real thing.

With so many new options available, you may even complete university and start your career sooner than your classmates who choose the traditional options.

Contact a StudyLink counsellor for more information on studying at an IBT Education college.

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im 18 and im an indian citizen. i want to apply to universities in australia , but i dont know how to start . please if you could give me some guide lines i would be very grateful . im interested in business therefore im opting for a degree in business , finance or economics.i need some guidance to get started , any help will be appreciated.thanks

I am doing my higher studies in 2008

my brother is 18 and he is pakistni citizen. i want to apply for him to universities in australia , but i dont know how to start . please if you could give me some guide lines i would be very grateful . im interested in BBA/MBA Finance & Accounting therefore i need some guidance to get started , any help will be appreciated.thanks

hi i'm from india and doing my engineering in electrical. is it possible for me to take up robotics as a course for my M.S. as it is related to the mechanical side. please give me names of the universities which have this course. could you also help in listing universities which feature branches related to electronics in their graduate programs.

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for your enquiry. You can use the StudyLink website ( to search for a course, request additional information, and apply directly through our online applications. StudyLink specializes in Australian, North American, and European study options. You can start by using our online course search. Enter an area of study in the keyword box (i.e. civil engineering, marketing, mathematics), select a location and award type from the boxes and click 'search now'. For many of the applications, you can apply directly with our official online applications by clicking the 'apply now' button on the web pages. Click on the course titles for detailed information including duration, fees, and entry requirements.
While StudyLink services are free, students are responsible for funding their education and other expenses. You may want to have a look at the institution websites for any scholarships they offer and look for scholarship and loan options available in your home country. You may also want to look at the Rotary International scholarship information, If you are interested in Australian study options, you may be eligible to apply for an AusAid scholarship, see the AusAid website for more information,
Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you and to helping you with your study plans.

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