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Industry experts address PLU students

Pacific Lutheran University recently commenced its MBA Executive Leadership Series, a showcase of speakers from a wide range of industries. Timely issues are addressed by the series’ presenters with a view to helping students pursue their vocation and a greater sense of purpose in life and work.

Business ethics expert and religious studies professor David Batsone addressed a crowd of approximately 120 students, faculty and staff recently on the importance of keeping promises to customers. He cited Microsoft’s under-production of its gaming technology, Xbox 360, as an example of how under-delivering can hurt customer loyalty. Batstone said that failure to meet expectations often derived from companies’ focus on generating strong revenue at the expense of retaining customers over the long term.

Given that four out of five companies cite company reputation as a primary factor in purchasing decisions, Batstone advocated for a stronger commitment to mission statements and aspirations that so many companies post on the wall and promptly forget.

Former MBA program director Abby Wigstrom-Carlson said they hoped that by providing students with role models and strategies for success, they could help create better corporate leaders.

To find out more on PLU and its MBA course, contact a counsellor.

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