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The attraction of Adelaide

With Adelaide’s international-student population growing at a rate higher than the national average, it seems there is more to this city than a relatively low cost of living and an inviting Mediterranean climate.

For over 170 years, Adelaide has actively supported those who wish to learn. Its educational institutions are amongst Australia’s oldest and they continue to win accolades and rank highly on international listings. The city has produced over 100 Rhodes Scholars and three Nobel Laureates.

Whether you want to gain an internationally respected degree or vocational qualification or engage in post-grad research, there is an option to suit your needs. Adelaide is home to internationally recognised universities and an extensive Vocational Education and Training (VET) system. Students wanting to learn English have a variety of flexible programs to choose from. English language students will have ample opportunity to practise their newfound skills as this English-speaking city is open and friendly. And because Adelaide’s academic institutions enjoy a high level of integration, it’s easy for you to move, or graduate, from one to another.

While Adelaide offers the same lifestyle and quality education opportunities as other cities in
Australia, statistics suggest it costs 18% more to live in Sydney, 15% more to live in Melbourne, 7% more to live in Perth and 5% more to live in Brisbane. This means your dollar will go further in Adelaide. Accommodation is also more affordable in Adelaide than it is in many other of Australia’s cities. Adelaide students can live in the heart of the city and still be within a 20-minute public transport ride of the beach.

Despite Adelaide’s large international-student population, it hosts about 230,000 Australian students so there’s plenty of scope to immerse in the local culture. The city is safe, welcoming and alive with many festivals, galleries, wineries, award-winning restaurants and a dynamic sporting environment. It is also home to a large multi-cultural community. In fact, it was the first Australian city to invite people of all cultures and religions to settle.

In Adelaide there is no shortage of places to visit on your weekends and semester breaks. South Australia is everything you might imagine this huge continent to be: the state is larger than Texas; it has 5,000km of coast; and the interior is home to rolling hills, sheep stations, vineyards, gold mines, salt lakes, ancient mountain ranges and the mighty outback deserts. As for those famous koalas, kangaroos, echidnas and platypuses, there are plenty – perhaps best seen on world-famous Kangaroo Island.

Located halfway between Sydney and Perth, nowhere in Australia is too far. A flight from Adelaide to Sydney, for instance, is under three hours and can cost less than US$70. And thanks to Adelaide’s new International Terminal, you’ll be enjoying more direct flights than ever before.

To learn more about study options in Adelaide, visit StudyLink’s Adelaide destination directory or contact a counsellor.

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Thanks for mail.Adelaid is now clear to me.One thing,I want to know about the TEFEWA COLLAGE in Parth.Already I send all of my document to this collage.I think I will get my Offer letter within 15 dayes.I am doing my work through IDP in Malaysia.Axually I am interntional student.I am from Bangladesh.I am doing my Diploma in Hotel managemen .Iam now in first semester.
NOW can I apply for visa ? .

Thank you for the mail.I'm from Sri Lanka.I'm studing International Studies and Chinese Language at Kelaniya University in Sri Lanka.This is going my forth year.So I want to do Master dgree in abroad in feeld of law or international studies.I want to get this oppertunity through the schooarship.
How can I get it? Please send details for the my aim. Thanks.

Thanks for the email. I was wanting to know about one thing. I am a student of Enggineering in India. I am in the 4th Semester now. I would like to know if I can apply for the continuation in Adelaide.

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for your enquiry. You can use the StudyLink website ( to search for a course, request additional information, and apply directly through our online applications. StudyLink specializes in Australian, North American, and European study options. You can start by using our online course search. Enter an area of study in the keyword box (i.e. civil engineering, marketing, mathematics), select a location and award type from the boxes and click 'search now'. For many of the applications, you can apply directly with our official online applications by clicking the 'apply now' button on the web pages. Click on the course titles for detailed information including duration, fees, and entry requirements.
While StudyLink services are free, students are responsible for funding their education and other expenses. You may want to have a look at the institution websites for any scholarships they offer and look for scholarship and loan options available in your home country. You may also want to look at the Rotary International scholarship information, If you are interested in Australian study options, you may be eligible to apply for an AusAid scholarship, see the AusAid website for more information,
Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you and to helping you with your study plans.

Hi this is Guru from India.I am a student of Bachelor of Science and i am thinking of studing M.B.A in Australia so please help me in finding a proper path and make my career colorfull.Thank you...

Hi every1,
I am from Kokand, Uzbekistan,
is there any1 who knows about the scholarships or low costed education opportunities in New Zealand. Hope there's some1 I need.
I am seeking such type of an opportunity. Pls. write to me,
anticipating to contact u soon,

Thankyou for the mail.I want to know whether i could study master of sciences in aerospace engineering in adelaide.please reply

i would like to thanks to studylink for provicing the information of the adelaide.

thanks for provinding us information.i want to know whether i can do my master of science in aerospace in any australian university.hoping to contact you soon.thank you.

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