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Why I chose the MBA course I did

Profile on Radhika Lavu

Prior to studying at Hult, Radhika worked as a senior IT analyst, software engineer, and consultant in countries around the world. Not only does she have a Masters of Commerce and a post-graduate degree in Computer Science, she also holds a degree in Hotel Management.

Which school did you choose and why?

When I decided to pursue a MBA, I was looking for a comprehensive program that would establish my general management skills within a span of one year instead of a lengthy two-year program. But also I wanted the one-year program to provide the same insights that a two-year program would. Hult offered me this opportunity.

Being a one-year program, the learning curve is steep and exams are frequent, yet I have been able to perform at my best in this wonderful environment.

Where do you live?

I live in Salem, a small town in the outskirts of Boston. It is an old town with a lot of history. It is known for its famous Witch Trials and you are greeted in every corner of the road by a witch statue. This is not the ideal way to start your day under Indian beliefs!

Boston, though expensive in comparison with some cities in U.S, is a very nice place to study. You have a lot of networking and learning opportunities. Boston has a host of summer and winter sports to keep you occupied outside the demanding school curriculum.

Is there any difference between the US and India in the way you are taught?

The professors who teach here are from the top universities. The style of their teaching is completely different from what I have experienced back in India. The method they use to discuss topics uses real life cases and encourages class participation. As my class is a true representation of an international community, everyone has brought in valuable experiences on various topics.

The case-based learning method and teamwork are two of my favourite things at Hult. The case-based approach is extremely useful and teaches valuable knowledge that would otherwise only come with years of experience. Teamwork has given me an opportunity to learn a lot beyond what is taught in the classroom.

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iam a tanzania interested to study MBA in us .the problem is financial can you assist me to obtain the scholarship .
Thanks in advance

Hi Everyone,
Thank you for your enquiry. You can use the StudyLink website ( to search for a course, request additional information, and apply directly through our online applications. StudyLink specializes in Australian, North American, and European study options. You can start by using our online course search. Enter an area of study in the keyword box (i.e. civil engineering, marketing, mathematics), select a location and award type from the boxes and click 'search now'. For many of the applications, you can apply directly with our official online applications by clicking the 'apply now' button on the web pages. Click on the course titles for detailed information including duration, fees, and entry requirements.
While StudyLink services are free, students are responsible for funding their education and other expenses. You may want to have a look at the institution websites for any scholarships they offer and look for scholarship and loan options available in your home country. You may also want to look at the Rotary International scholarship information, If you are interested in Australian study options, you may be eligible to apply for an AusAid scholarship, see the AusAid website for more information,
Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have. I look forward to hearing from you and to helping you with your study plans.

i graduated from 12 in afghanistan and i finished a advance two and also i fninished a comuter programe and in this time i work with un agency in afghanistan

iam graduated from 12 and i finished an advance two and also i finished a computer and i work with un agencies

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