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Make the most of your time overseas

Some students enrol in a course overseas for the quality of the education, the experience of living in another country, or to improve foreign language skills. While each student has different factors that motivate them to enrol in a course overseas, looking at the full picture and taking advantage of what your new home has to offer can help you to adjust to your new surroundings. It can also make your time abroad more enjoyable and provide you with skills that help you stand out when applying for jobs in the future.

Do some research on countries and cities to see what they offer. Is there something that you have always wanted to learn that you will have the opportunity to do while you are studying? Do you have hobbies that you would like to continue? Getting involved in local activities will help you make new friends and learn about the culture.

During the initial stages of selecting a course, consider not only the institution and the professors you want to learn from, but also a location that will accommodate your other interests and goals.

Once you have enrolled in a course, find out more about the different clubs and activities available at your institution and in the local community and find out how to get involved.

Getting a part-time job can also help you learn about the culture and meet new people. Before getting a part-time job, be sure you have obtained the appropriate permission to work. Ask a counsellor for details related to the country where you will be studying.

Remember that you will be living in another country and there will be many things that are different. Try not to constantly compare things to your home country and make a judgement as to what’s better or worse. Look around you to see what’s different and interesting and focus on taking advantage of new opportunities. This will help you meet new people and learn about the location and culture.

Our counsellors are happy to help you find a course to meet your interests or help you with more detailed information on your institution and location. Once you’ve enrolled in a course, we encourage you to contact a counsellor for advice on making the most of your time overseas.

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i am intrested to get addmision in the course hotel management or hospitality management related so, please send me all relivant informations with course fee etc
thank you
muhammad amin bhatti

i study biology(in iran)but i desiderate to study a new cours in a new country...if your university has branch similar biotechnology-immunology and biochemistry ..i vry glad to give some new informaition about they..
for special thanks

i am interested in doing a phd in biological science(cell biology/immunology/molecular biology)in USA.So kindly sent me relevent informations with the fee structure,hostel facilities etc.Thank you.

please give me details about your executive mba programme?

i want to study in abrod

Iwant to have master degree in elictrical engineering so advise me

I want to study in MA, If you know the sites of scholarships, send me please

I want to study in MA, If you know the sites of scholarships, send me please



I'm interested to get my master degree in food science and technology.If you have any scholarship send me please.

I am a doctor, I am interested in doing Plastic Surgery out of my country, i would like to study in USA. If you have any scholarship, would you send me please. Thank you very much.

i wana some coarse in computer sciences overseas
where i can earn and study

I INTERESTED TO agriculture. IF YOU HAVE ANY scholarships, send me please

want to study abroad,ms

I am interested to get admission in toefl
plz help me

i am interested in this university for BBA

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