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Important deadlines for your application

Australia – Apply now to start in July/August 2007. You should submit your application and supporting documents by mid-April. We encourage you to apply early for best consideration. Keep in mind that you do not need to scan and attach your documents, a counsellor can do this for you. Contact a counsellor for assistance with selecting a course or completing your applications.

If you have successfully applied to start studies in February/March 2007, you should be collecting financial documents to support a visa application. If you have received an offer, you should be applying for a student visa and/or accepting your offer. Specific procedures will depend on your citizenship and the course you will be studying. Contact a counsellor for more details.

US – Some institutions have a March 2007 start and there may still be time for you to apply. Contact a counsellor now to apply.

The main term starts in September 2007 for most institutions. For best consideration and to allow time to apply for a student visa, we encourage you to apply by 20 December.

English language schools and some other institutions allow students to start throughout the year. Application deadlines vary and we encourage you to apply well in advance for best consideration and to allow time to apply for a visa. Keep in mind that you do not need to scan and attach your documents, a counsellor can do this for you. Contact a counsellor for assistance with selecting a course or completing your applications.

UK – Some courses are available for students interested in a January 2007 start. Our counsellors can help you find a course to meet your interests and apply now so that you can still start in January. We encourage you to contact a counsellor now.

Applications are now open for September 2007. For best consideration for September 2007, applications should be submitted by early January of 2007. Our counsellors are happy to help you find a course and institution to meet your background and interests. Contact a counsellor to discuss your study plans.

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actullaly,i am in the fifth semester still i have to uder go 3 semesters .after finishing my B.E.IN ELECTRONICS AND COMMUNICATION.i am planning to do M.B.A OR M.S


could you please enlighten me on a forensics career...
on what courses to take..
i have finished high school


I want to study in UK

i want to 2 study in usa plz guide me

actullaly,could you please enlighten me on a business management .i have finished my high school on 2007.

I am very much interested to study. But How to apply I do'nt know. Pl give me all the information about how to apply.

I want to get a scholarship in any Commerce level subject.

i have a diploma in electronics engeenring so plz help me for stydy in uk

I want to do Phd in chemistry so plz guide me what should I do for it?

i want to study ph.d chemistry in USA in good institutes plz. guide me

do you think still i can apply for march session in usa for biotechnology courses. because there are very few colleges which offer biotech in march session. march session is summer session right.


I Want to pursue phd in Sociology from Uk/Usa kindly give me your expert advice.

I have a diploma in computer of business. I'm very interested to study about computer engineering.
Please give me all information about university in USA and how to get scholarship in each university.thanks.

I am Interested in online course in Public health in Australia,uk,or USA,and Canada, with areasonable course fee.

Hello Madum,
Am janardhana and i completed BE in Elecrical and now i want to do software courses.Pls help me in that,which one is correct to my future........
I thought u will reply soon...
thank you

I Hope to continue Study (Master)In UK

hi, iwant do post bscin nursing n i have finished my dip. in nursing 15 years back, thanks

I'm from uzbekistan. I will be finished lyceum after 3 years. But if I study in Australia or in US I save 2 years. So, please help me of finding school there.

And I need some financial aids.

I want to study and work in UK could you please guide me?


Khalid Siddiqi

i am very interested to further my edu in master... but how to apply, choose the right course still in mind..i don't know.please gv me all the infomation bout to interested going to UK or australia.

im in my 4th semester with psychology as one of the subject in my combination.i want to specialise in the subject. please suggest courses

I come from Malaysia..I'm interested to study university at US.I hope to get further details about it..

hi iam from uganda please give me information about institutions that offer ACCA iwould like to study in the uk

i am intrested in studying in uk in cordil atmosphere therefore iam needed your help and wwant come in the up comming semester

Hi, I would like to study in Canada. Could u pls guide me.

i'm from yemen idon't speak engilsh very well i want more and more from language. i finsh high studuy l'm engenineer
(communications & electronics) i hope continue my study in UK but havn't money can you help me please.

now i m in 3rd semester ,, i want to do my masters in management ,after finishing bachelors. i like to do in US, AUSTRALIA . could u please gudie me, how to ,what to apply ,, guide me to good universities.

I like to study in Law ( Human Rights Law) in post graduate level in Australia.I am seeking for the funding who can assist me .I am a Bangladeshi.Already I decsides to get admission in the university of La Trobe in Melbourn.Please let me know what to do.

u havn't sent me my queries when i posted u last time ..plss guide me to get admissin in australia for doing masters in telecommunication

You can use the StudyLink website ( to search for a course, request additional information, and apply directly through our online applications. StudyLink specializes in Australian, North American, and European study options. You can start by using our online course search. Enter an area of study in the keyword box (i.e. civil engineering, marketing, mathematics), select a location and award type from the boxes and click 'search now'. For many of the applications, you can apply directly with our official online applications by clicking the 'apply now' button on the web pages. Click on the course titles for detailed information including duration, fees, and entry requirements.

While StudyLink services are free, students are responsible for funding their education and other expenses. Keep in mind that most international students pay full international student tuition fees and scholarships for international students are limited and very competitive. StudyLink does not offer scholarships.

* Consider funding your study with a loan or personal funds
* Search for a scholarship on your chosen institution's website or through organisations in your local country and city
* Look at Rotary International scholarship information. Contact your local Rotary International club for information on application procedures and due dates.
* Want to study in Australia? Look at Australian Scholarships.
* Want to study in the USA? Look at Find Tuition
* Want to study in the UK? Look at Education UK Scholarships

If you are interested in masters or PhD courses by research and you have a very strong academic background, let us know the details and we would be happy to explore your options with you.

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