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Why study in Australia this July?

Are you independent, innovative and creative? Are you looking for a learning experience that develops your knowledge and practical skills to give you a head start in your chosen career?

Australia could just be the place for you. Australia is a dynamic, multicultural and beautiful country. Students benefit from a safe, friendly and sophisticated society where learning and education are highly valued.

Australia also attracts the third highest number of international students after the US and the UK, so you will be in good company.

Australia also offers excellent value for money and a standard of living which is among the highest in the world. Living expenses and tuition costs in Australia are considerably less expensive than those in the UK and US.

Remember, if you want to study in Australia in 2007, you need to apply by 15 April 2007 for the July intake. Ask us today!

Study and living costs
The average international student in Australia spends about $335 per week on accommodation, food, clothing, entertainment, transport, international and domestic travel, telephone and incidental costs.

This is a realistic guide, but it is important to remember that your costs will vary by location, course and lifestyle.

To be granted a student visa in Australia you must show that you have enough money to pay for living expenses, education costs and travel for the duration of the course. It is important to remember this when budgeting for an international education.

You can apply to work part-time after you have commenced your studies in Australia, but the money you earn should not be used as your only source of income and cannot be part of your budget for a student visa application. You can work for up to 20 hours per week and full time in the vacations.

Tuition fees
International students are charged up-front tuition fees in Australia. These fees are very affordable and are consistently less expensive than those in the UK or US.

Some institutions make an additional charge to cover other student costs. These may include student organisation membership, library and laboratory costs and sports facility costs. You may also have to pay a specific charge for excursions, books, stationery and other essential material for some courses.

Institutions will advise you how and when to pay your tuition fees.

Search, compare and apply to your course today:

Accommodations costs
You can choose from a variety of high standard student accommodation available to suit different budgets and needs. Some of these options are listed below.

• University accommodation - A$80-A$250 per week
• Hostel - A$80-A$135 per week
• Homestay - A$110-A$270 per week
• Rental accommodation - A$70-A$350 per week

Your future. Your career.
Studying in Australia gives you a competitive edge.

The combination of a recognised qualification and access to the latest technology and research excellence will open doors to many opportunities. You will gain skills to launch your career and set you apart in the eyes of employers.

Ask us today!

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What should i do for studing in australia this July,2007? Bacause i am in East Timor now i have nothing even my parent support me.

What should i do for studing in australia this July,2007? Bacause i am in East Timor now i have nothing even my parent support me.

i wish you will assit me to study with you since i have shown my desire to remain with you thanks.

Is the Cambridge A levels or foundation studies in Malaysia acceptable in Australia universities.

Is the Cambridge A levels or foundation studies in Malaysia acceptable in Australia universities.

Is there any scholarship program in Australia granted to internationl students?

I wanna to I wanna to master much more educatoin, and i will to teach my proffesion to children. So i want to study education. So can you help me please? Can you give me much more information please? Can you send me reply please?

Please i don't hv an idia to get study in Australia please define me how it is possible. and what i want to do for tihs study i want to study in MBA in banking and finance.

What should i do for studing in australia this July,2007? Bacause i am in First Time now i have nothing even my parent support me.

And Can You Tell Me Total Expence In Indian Currency ( INR)

And Minimum Education's Requirment Of This Course


As a matter of fact,your admirable efforts to help people make their dreams come true is something's so marvellous to know that you create great oppurtunities for us to imagine a new life in a new country.thank you very much indeed for your efforts.

Is there any scholarships program in Australia for undergraduated?

I want to apply at Master of Transport System in University of South Australia.But I have some question about it. I gained my S 1 degree in Economics, in addition I also have a Diploma 3 from Road Transport and Traffic College.And I have worked for 6 years at Road Transport and Traffic Department.Can I apply master of Transport System with those background? Wish there are some advices for me to consider.

I am a Ni-Vanuatu and i really wanna studied there too but how could i do to find a scorlaship.

Hi,I wanna know,may I make my master degree in your country on ELT,I'm from Kyrgyzstan and study on ELT.Could you help me with this study and do you have any faculties of ELT,Bank affairs,Management.Thanks.

I really wish to study in australia but i don't have enough money,what can you do to help me.My no is 08051977899

i wanna do Business of Hotel
Management in Australia. How should i apply for this and what could be the expense in the
Indian currency. I am from India.

I really want to study in Australia this 2007,but i don't have the means.Even my parents don't have.What can you do to help me? I am from Liberia.

Best regard.

am a graduate of B.A history from university of abuja in Nigeria with grade level:PASS.i want to apply for my postgraduate studies in ur reputable university for the jully 2007 batch.the course am intrested in is human resouce management.i will do appreciate if urgent response is giving to my request,thanks!!!!!

I am an orthopaedic intern of University of Medicine and Pharmacy,Ho Chi Minh City,Vietnam.After finishing this course,I want to practice more in arthroscopy.Are there any hospitals or unversities in Australia having courses of arthroscopy for foreign doctors like me to practice?I'm looking forward to your response.Thank you.

i am enviromental engineering M.S. student. i want education in level PH.D. nothing help to me, event my parent. can you take scholarship for me from canada or australia. for octeber 2008, please.
i am from iran.

While StudyLink services are free, students are responsible for funding their education and other expenses. Keep in mind that most international students pay full international student tuition fees and scholarships for international students are limited and very competitive.

* Consider funding your study with a loan or personal funds

* Search for a scholarship on your chosen institution's website or through organisations in your local country and city

* Look at Rotary International scholarship information,

* Look at Australian Scholarships, & Postgraduate Research Scholarships,

If you are interested in masters or PhD courses by research and you have a very strong academic background, please contact a StudyLink counsellor and we would be happy to explore your options with you.

Once you are able to fund your studies and apply through our website, StudyLink will be able to give you further assistance in all other procedures such as accommodation, tuition fees, visa application, etc.


Can you give me more information about finding a job in Australia?

I am from Ecuador and I was wondering if you can provide information in Spanish. I really want to improve my English before I move to Australia. There is a lot of info in english like but I really want to get some extra information in Spanish.


i am an african from ghana.i want schorlaship to study pharmacy.i am aa brilliant student but lack finances for my ambition to become a pharmcist.

My name is Heita Onesmus from Namibia (Africa) .l'm currently in need of a scholarship to go and study orthopaedic technology in any country ,at the moment l'm having a certificate in orthopaedic technology for two years .can you pls help me

I am very needed, and I want to attend in Australia, how can I apply for scholarship in Australia. I am just an undergraduate. what can u do to help me my phone number is : 00233244184423


My names are Adebayo Omeiza Abraham from Nigeria, please i need free study, transportation,feeding, accomodation because am a hopeless fellow 2009 admission

AM a student from ghana. I want to to persue diploma in nursing. Pls what are the requirement for a student from ghana?

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