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Are you ready?

Before you leave for your studies overseas, make sure you tick off our pre-departure checklist.


  1. Return all the necessary forms to the university. These may include your booking for welcome sessions and/or airport pick-ups, accommodation and English course applications. Please return your offer acceptance via your StudyLink counsellor
  2. Notify the university of your flight and arrival time
  3. Make sure you have a valid passport and student visa (you’ll need at least six months on your passport)
  4. Transfer money to a bank account in advance, or organise travellers cheques
  5. Travel insurance
  6. Health insurance (this is compulsory if you are going to Australia or the US)

Don’t forget to pack…

In your hand luggage:

  1. Your passport and visa
  2. Copies of all the course paperwork (letter of offer and acceptance, payment receipts)
  3. Cash currency for your destination
  4. Official identification (drivers licence, national ID card)
  5. Proof of financial support, if required
  6. Originals (or certified copies) of any degrees or qualifications you need for your course
  7. Change of clothes just in case!
  8. Leave food at home, you will be able to buy almost anything at your new destination
  9. Check hand luggage restrictions for your destination country

In your suitcase:

  1. Supply of prescribed medication and any medical records
  2. Photos of your home, family and friends
  3. CDs of your favourite music
  4. Recipes for your favourite dishes
  5. Books, magazines or newspapers to remind you of home

Plan ahead

  1. Try to arrive at least a few days before the orientation program commences
  2. Get a feel for your new home – listen to the local radio station through the internet, or read the national newspaper online
  3. Practice your English – watch English TV shows, practice with friends, or take a short course
  4. Some countries allow you to open a student bank account before you arrive – this can save you a lot of time once you arrive
  5. Check weather websites for clothing requirements

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