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How to fund your course

An international degree or post-graduate study is a good investment in your future career. But it can also be expensive and you need to organise your finances well in advance to ensure your visa application is approved.

How much do I need?

Remember as well as tuition fees, you need to take into account the cost of living. This varies widely between countries and cities. As a rough guide, the annual cost of living in the USA ranges between US$12,000 and US$30,000. In the UK this figure is between £6,000 and £8,000 for a 9 month academic year. In Australia, expect to spend between AU$12,000 to AU$18,000 per year on living expenses.

These expenses cover accommodation, transport, food, utilities and books. You will also need to allow for your return airfare, personal travel during holidays, health insurance, entertainment/social expenses and clothing.

When do I need it by?

Plan early to ensure your funds are readily available in time for your visa application. For example, Indian students applying for an Australian student visa must show funds are in their bank account for three months prior to applying for a visa.

It is also worth checking whether your institution offers a discount for full tuition fee payment in advance – this can offer a substantial saving in the long term.

You should have a general plan of how you will fund your study before applying for courses and writing a budget is always a good idea.

How can I get this money?

Family and sponsors
Many students can use personal funds to pay for at least part of their tuition. If you have a sponsor, you may need to show proof of the total amount they are funding for your visa application.

International students can apply for scholarships offered by their own government, the government of the country they will study in, the institution they will study with, or various organisations (such as Rotary).

Most scholarships are only available for postgraduate study; they are limited and extremely competitive. You need to apply well in advance of your planned study, as some can take up to a year to approve. Be smart and apply now.

Australian Development Scholarships are available for students from certain countries, including Bangladesh, China, Indonesia and Kenya. The Endeavour programme offers scholarships to high achieving students and researchers, and the Australian Leadership Award offers assistance to students from the Asia-Pacific region.

University scholarships, for example ANU offer a range of undergraduate and PhD scholarships and merit awards with one-off payments ranging from AU$1000 to AU$10,000. You can find out more on your chosen institution website.

New Zealand
If you are planning on taking a PhD, it is worth considering New Zealand as international PhD students pay the same fees as local students. New Zealand’s tuition fees are generally very affordable, and universities such as the University of Canterbury also offer doctoral and masters scholarships.

In addition, the NZ government offers Undergraduate Degree Scholarships (NZUIFS) and Development Scholarships (NZDS).

The British Chevening Scholarships and Fellowships are prestigious postgraduate awards. 2000 are awarded each year to students from 150 countries, and vary from full tuition and a living allowance to partial fee payments. The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan (CSFP) is available to postgraduate students from Commonwealth countries. The Overseas Research Student Awards Scheme (ORSAS) is a one year part-fee payment plan for postgraduate students.

Most institutions offer some form of scholarship as well. For example, the Swansea University in Wales offers a number of scholarships for non-EU residents, providing a first year fee discount of £1000.

The University of Reading is part of the prestigious Felix Scholarship award. Sakthivel Vaiyapuri, a recent Felix scholar from Tamilnadu in southern India, was able to pursue his PhD in biotechnology through the scheme.

Only about 20% of international students are able to finance their study through some form of financial aid, as most grants and scholarships are designed for US citizens. The Fulbright Program is a prestigious award for postgraduate and PhD scholars. There are a large number of smaller awards, with payments ranging from US$1000 to US$16,000.

The University of Cincinnati offers a unique co-op program for international students, where they can alternate a quarter of classroom study with a quarter of paid work in their fields. They also have a Global Scholarship which contributes US$2000-7000 per year towards tuition fees.

Hult International Business School offers a scholarship for its MBA programme, as well as an internship programme which can help offset living expenses.

Remember, all scholarships are awarded on the basis of past performance and competition is tough. Most scholarships are not designed to cover all your tuition fees and living expenses, although they certainly can help.

Student Loans
Many international students to the USA will rely on some form of a student loan. Private loans are available to international students with a US (green-card holding) co-sponsor. Repayment can be deferred during your studies.

You may also be able to get a student loan in your own country for studying overseas.

Part-time work
You cannot rely on part-time work during your degree to finance your studies. However, it can help supplement your cost of living. Visa restrictions vary between countries – generally students can work up to 20 hours per week, but in the US they are restricted to on-campus work.

It is also worth checking if your institution offers an internship program. These will often be with local companies, relevant to your study, and can enhance you career prospects when you graduate.

There are many options available to international students for help with financing their study, but you need to plan ahead. You will probably find a combination of some, or all, of these options will allow you to pursue your ambitions.

Remember, a StudyLink counsellor can give you more specific advice for your preferred courses.

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sir i did the graduation and now i want to do the post gradutaion.

i do not have a sponsor


I have completed my B.E in computer science in july 2007.Right now I am working with a american software company.
I want to go for POST GRADUATE course next yr in september. Please help me.I do not have a sponsor.

i wanted to study in an affordable school particularly in new zealand how can i apply for visa there and at the same time have my aprtime work they also hav a medical examination for a person applying for student visa

I have completed my accounting course and i wanted to study in an affordable school particularly in new zealand how can i apply for visa there and at the same time have my partime work they also have a medical examination for a person applying for student visa. how much i need to fund my studies there.

i am from Myanmar.I want to study in Austrilia about theology in 2009. i will have completed my Mdiv at that time so that please help me how to apply and i do not have sponsor. Please help me

Dear Sir/Madam,
Im Chamath from Sri Lanka and have just finished my BSc. Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree specialising in Communication. Im hoping to have higher studies in USA in 2008. But unfortunately I cannot fund by myself. So expect to have a scholarship or find a sponser. Could you please help me in doing so? I will send you more details upon your request.
Thanking you

I've done my B.Com last year, a 2 year graduation program in PAKISTAN. Now I'd like t study ACCA in UK. I've sponsor for my studies. Plz! inform me for an affordable ad quality education institution in LONDON.
I'll be tankful!!!

I do not have finatioal document and I do not know how I go international university in USA.
Another problem, I COULD not understand the last appliction form.

i will be graduate in diploma in biotechnology by next year .Im interested to continue my study but i have financial problem .PLEASE HELP ME TO GET SCHOLARSHIP AND HOW IS THE PROCEDURE.

I am going this september to Strathclyde University in Scotland for Msc in Pharmaceutical Analysis.The tution fees is too high.Is there any scholarship left that I can apply for.Or how to get a part time job.Please I am looking for a guidence

I've been accepted in 3 Universities in UK, but don't have the fund yet... Anybody know? Coz so far those which give full scholarship is only the British Chevening and the World Bank full-sch scheme...

Hi, My name is Bimo. I study in Diponegoro University, Indonesia nom. But, i have a dream to study in other country, like Jepang. I com from poor family. If you know a chance for me to get scholarship, please tell me.

Oh..... I have a question, how to get part-time job ?


I have done my masters in sociology from karachi university pakistan and M.Ed from the Aga Khan University Institute for Educational Development (AKU-IED)in 2005. My field is now education and currently teaching in a community school. I am interested in studies related to teaching learning from USA, UK, Canada, Austrailia or Newsland. I hail from a poor family and have not a sponsor at all. Could you please help me in finding a scholorship in my respective field to study in the aforementioned countries I would be very gratful to you.

Thank you,

Karim Khan.

I'm finishing my Monash Foundation Year in Malaysia and plan to do my degreen in Accountancy, Business or Finance in Australia or New Zealand? I hope to get a scholarship and am willing to work for the company.


My name is Ninh, from Vietnam. I graduated from the master of business management programme, cooperated between ULB (Belgium) and HCM Open University(Vietnam), 2005 and graduated from Nhatrang University of Fisheries, 1996 .I would like to get a scholarship for a PhD or doctoral business administration programme. I'd like to study in Autralia,USA, England (UK),New Zealand.

Please help me how to apply and get a doctoral scholarship.

I do not have any sponsors, please help me!

Thank you in advance.

Ninh (Mr)


I am from General Santos City, Philippines and have a long time dream to be out of the country and be in USA or Australia but I can't afford to support myself to study for Masteral degree and same time find a good parttime job. I have been employed but my salary is quite short to support myself and my family too. If you can help me find a sponsor for my studies and my visa in order for me to reach my dream. By the way, I graduated from a 4 year course in Bachelor of Science in Secretarial Administration major in Office Management. I need your advice and help. Thank you very much..


plz post me prospectus n visa information for university cinnciti university f Australia.

Dear Sir/Madam,
Im khaled from jordan and have finished my Msc. Civil Engineering degree specialising in Environmental from newcastle upon tyne university in UK. Im hoping to have higher studies (Phd)in Australia,USA OR newzeland 2008. But unfortunately I cannot fund by myself. So expect to have a scholarship or find a sponser. Could you please help me in doing so? I will send you more details upon your request.
Thanking you
king regards
Eng. khaled


I have no sponser.I want study in uk.I am finincial pour.I can not pay the fee of university and also did pay the money for visa.the big problem was that the pakistani studant want study in uk he is identify the Rs.25 lak in account that the big problem.please sir help me in my education in uk.and also give me instructins about the visa process and how i can do this process.I am a pakistani.


I graduated 6 years ago from Faculty of Letters. I have been teaching literary in a university since then. I wish I could take an M.A. to support my work & to develop my knowledge in a field supporting my subject in literary abroad by scholarship. I don't have any sponsor at all to support the fund. Is this possible for me to continue my study while I don't have any $? I look forward to your reply.

I graduated 6 years ago from Faculty of Letters. I have been teaching literary in a university since then. I wish I could take an M.A. to support my work & to develop my knowledge in a field supporting my subject in literary abroad by scholarship. I don't have any sponsor at all to support the fund. Is this possible for me to continue my study while I don't have any $? I look forward to your reply.

i have post grauduate 2004. but i have study in other country like in newzealand. plz iam looking for a guideness.

hi i m a student of final year btech in computers and want to persue masters in business or in computers from US or UK .please help in that for my admissiomn

hi i m student of diploma in civil Engineering and want to Persue bachelor in civil Engineering from US. Plz help me

I have been searching for scholarships but can't seem to find the right one for me. Am a Zambian and want to pursue a masters degree at a UK, USA or Australia institution. My area of interest is Development Studies/International Relations. Would you please help me get the right information

Sir/Madam, Thank you for giving an update.Honestly i want to post thru my plan to study abroad but i am finacially tied up and to be frank i do not have money. Please help me find sponsor or other means so that my dreams will materialize.


I am currently working as Customer Care Officer of PLDT-ran Smart Communications,Inc., at the same time I am enrolled as a 2nd Year Law Student in a local state university. But I am inclined tp pursue my Master's degree on Peace Studies/and or History, since I obtained my baccalareate degree on the same field of study. Can you assist me finding a particular institution abroad that offers scholarship grants?

I want to study in Australia but have no sponsor. undergratuate programme. Economics is my choice of course

i'm currently as a continental cook in IRAQ for an american company for three years and i've got around USA$15, i like to follow a good cookery course in Australia,cyprus ,new zealand,USA orUK..can you guide me finding out a affordable school/college and i wish to doa part time job than i can cover the cost of living etc. pls help me to find out a sponsor/schoolership etc
that will be a great help

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