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Online Events: meet university staff from your computer

So, after much research and a little help from a StudyLink counsellor you have found the course that meets all your overseas study ambitions. But you have a million questions about it – life on campus, scholarships and visas, job prospects, course preparation - and the distance between your home and your new university makes it impossible to visit. How do you find all the answers?

StudyLink Online Events give you the chance to meet university staff and academics, and ask real time questions, from the comfort of your own computer. You can have personal, one-on-one time with key enrolment staff or your potential professors - with no travel time or costs. It’s a great way to find out exactly what you need to know.

It works like an instant messaging forum, and typically around 15-20 prospective students, two members of the university’s staff, a StudyLink moderator and a few StudyLink counsellors will be involved.

There is always a very high interest in these events, and usually students with applications already in process will be given priority. However, sometimes students who have expressed a strong interest in a specific course or institution by responding to StudyLink emails may also be invited.

Apart from the significant saving in travel costs, students can also benefit from many additional incentives offered by the institution. This may include a fee reduction, priority processing of applications, or special gifts. At a recent Vancouver Community College event students were offered a CAN$125 application fee reduction, and interest in attending the chat was extremely high.

During the event a StudyLink counsellor is on hand to help with course or visa applications. You can also chat with other students who are interested in studying abroad – ask them questions and build up your own support network before you leave home.

After the online chat, transcripts are available online and any StudyLink registered user can access these, even if they don’t manage to attend the event. They offer useful information if you are still considering your options, so check out the archives. A StudyLink counsellor will also follow up attendees to ensure all their questions and concerns were answered.

At a recent Trinity College event, Balthazar Kitundu from Tanzania said; “I am very happy of your online event. I feel as if I am already a member of Trinity College.”

Herriot Watt University in Scotland approved 4 student applications shortly after an interesting live discussion of their School of Management and Languages postgraduate courses. Natasha Jha from India received contact details for course alumni and had her questions on job opportunities in Scotland and fee payment options answered. She is now beginning her MBA studies in Edinburgh.

Students find the Online Events a convenient way of getting exactly the information they need to make a final decision on their study – scheduled for student time zones and easily accessed from their own computer.
University staff also find it a great way to brief students fully before they arrive. Suzanne Geraghty, Study Abroad Manager at Griffith University says: “Griffith is lucky to have StudyLink experts help students with their applications, visas and questions.”

StudyLink runs over 10 online chat events each month. For more information, check out

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it is very good and interesting t know that you give very interesting things to so many poeple around the world but problem is that we dont know how to go about it and where to do all this things. just few days back i have looked for the course on Visual communication but i could bot get any replys and i dont think it is truth that you are doing to us.

dear sir/madam
i still need a great helps that i can from Malaysia.i will be sitting for Sijil Penilaian Malaysia(SPM) in 2 weeks time.then i will need a place where i can continue my studies to the next higher education level.but i dont know how to apply online?so could you tell me?

Dear sir,
I can't undertand ur study link can u send ur add through the post

hi.i have a great ideas,i want desighn a game 4 peoples that they can not see

hi sir\madam
idont under stand how to deal with this

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