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Study in North America

The United States of America is the number one destination for students looking to study abroad, with over 600,000 international students each year. And just to the north, Canada is also popular with students looking for a quality education in a friendly English speaking nation. Here, we look at why these destinations attract so many students, and what it is really like to study there.

USA – a wealth of surprises

Students arriving in the USA are often surprised to find it is nothing like the images they are used to on their TV or movie screen. The USA offers diverse landscapes and people, and your study experience could take you to a small rural town or a dynamic multi-cultural city.

Virginia, from India, is studying a graduate engineering program. She says, “Studying in the United States is a unique opportunity for foreign students in many ways. The professional work ethic followed here even in graduate school is rarely found elsewhere in the world. A degree from a good American University is recognised and valued the world over.”

With over 4000 public and private colleges and more than 6000 non-collegiate postsecondary institutions, there is an incredible variety of education opportunities. Whether you want a small private college or a large state university, a prestigious MBA school or vocational training, you will find something to suit you. 

Did you know?

An American education is not as expensive as you think
Tuition fees vary widely –a four year undergraduate program can range from under US$3,500 per year to over US$15,000. Living expenses also vary, from small towns to big cities. But you must budget for health insurance as the US does not provide any socialised health care, and treatment can be expensive.

It’s not that hard to get a visa
Over 500,000 international students get a visa to study in the USA every year. It’s not as daunting as it looks, and StudyLink can help you through the process.

You can move between colleges
It is common to complete the first two years of a degree at one institution and then move to another.

Pierce College, in scenic Washington State on the West coast, is an excellent community college that allows students to earn a two year associate degree and then transfer to another university. For international students, this means they can get used to another culture in a smaller, friendlier environment before moving onto a large state-based university.

Students in the US also enjoy small class sizes – as few as 10-20 students per class – and a close relationship between faculty and students. You may share a coffee or meal with your professor, and gain a valuable mentor in your chosen field. 

MBA programs began in the US over 100 years ago, so if you are looking for a prestigious graduate school then this is the place to study. Hult International Business School in Boston offers one of the most globally diverse MBA classes and is a top-ranking school. Jaye Matriano, from Switzerland, chose Hult “because I wanted to study the American way of how to do business, which is still distinct from the European way in the sense that it is much more aggressive and determined.”

Johnson & Wales University offers international students a choice of campus locations – from the mountains of Denver, Colorado, to the coastline at Rhode Island or Miami. With world-class programs in business, hospitality, culinary management and technology, they have one of the highest post-graduation employment rates and are known for their hands-on training.

Many international students see a US education as an investment in their future. They will return home speaking English fluently, a global network of friends and contacts, and with a new perspective on the world and their area of expertise.

Canada – strength in its differences

If you are looking for an education in North America where you can learn another language, pay lower tuition fees than many other countries and have the opportunity to stay and work after graduation, then you should also consider Canada.

The United Nations has ranked Canada as the best place to live in the world. Yes, a local author may have described their climate as “six months of winter followed by six months of bad sledding”, but in terms of education, national income and quality of life Canada has a great standard of living. It is a safe, peaceful country with excellent inexpensive health care. And with two official languages (English and French), Canadians are world leaders in language training.

Sam Ko, from Taiwan, studied at Thompson Rivers University in British Columbia and says: “You can learn English anywhere. In Kamloops you can have a different kind of life. I say here is a great city. Fresh air. Friendly people. No traffic.”

TRU offers a wide choice of undergraduate and diploma programs in the modern, safe city of Kamloops north of Vancouver. Students can try snowboarding, fishing, camping and experience the best of Canada.

Canada is a vast country, with most cities clustered on the east or west coasts. You may be surprised to find that very few Canadians live in igloos in the far north, and not every Canadian speaks French.

As well as the opportunity to work for one year in Canada after graduation, international students can work on-campus during their study without a work permit.

There are two main ways to study in Canada. Universities provide academic and professional degrees, and community colleges offer vocational certificate and diploma programs. At most universities and colleges, instruction will be in either English or French, and you must meet proficiency requirements in that language to be admitted.

There are large international student populations in all of the main cities, such as Vancouver on the west coast. One of Canada’s largest cities with 1.8 million people, it is surrounded by ocean, mountains and lush green parks. Vancouver Community College provides a pathway to university, English language courses and vocational training, and has an excellent reputation. Yumi, from Japan, says “Since I started here I really see an improvement in my English skills. I’ve has a good time skiing and hiking, I like the opportunity to explore so many beautiful places.”

Fraser International College also offers pathway and English language programs in Vancouver, and is a great way to enter Simon Fraser University, one of Canada’s top universities.

Both Canada and the USA offer you the opportunity to gain an internationally recognised education, to improve your English, and to discover more about their culture in a diverse and often spectacular setting. The next step is up to you – to find out more about courses available in North America contact one of our student counsellors.

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Dear Sir
thanks for your infromation and I am graduated from Medical faculty in Afghanistan and understand english language and one thing more that I dont have enough money and if you could help with deprived students like me I am one of those and eager to study there to increase my knowladge there and waiting for your positive respons.


Dear Sir,
Thanks for your informations.I am really willing to study America or UK for my post graduate in Mechanical Degree.Whatever I am, I am sure to join and attend there, now I am trying to attend and study for my post graduate including courses free and Engilsh.Now I am working in Singapore as a Mechanical Engineer. I am ok for my working and communication with foreigners by using English language in Singapore.So I am not difficult for my English.
I strongly believe that I will join for my Master degree in America or UK one day.thanks you again all of studylinks's ladies and gentlemen.
With the best wishes
Than Naing Oo

My daughter has graduated in Dentistry[Bachelor of Dental Surgery] from here in India. I want to know about Postgraduate studies she can undertake in the subject of Dentistry or other Postgraduate courses she can undertake in USA or Canada. Kindly also indicate the Financial liability of each course. Thanx

dear sir,
am very grateful for your information passed across and motivate me to study there but it could be an impossible for me because i dont have enough money to finance my study and i will notmind if u can render your assistance to make this real for me and i will proclaim you through out the world that you are the one god used for me to achieved my aim.

Dear Sir
Thanks realy that you informed me from your offer I would love to join free English class or IT class online

The Studylink Adviser,

First, I'd like to thank the one who send me this information to study in the USA. Well, i am very eager to study in America like other people of the world. To complete their specialization on their respective careers.

The problem is I don't have enough money to finance the course I want. I would like to ask the procedures and requirements on how to apply for the scholarship program of the college or university. Is there any possible sponsors who can help me studying in USA?

Thank you in advance and i am looking forward for your immediate reply.

i like to study in there because i think it has a lot of equipment and i need equipments like nano labratory.
i,m an inventor, i have 6 inventions in my country ,i,m studying physics now in my country...but there is not enogh equipment to progress.
my problem is i don,t have money to come there and study......
please help me
Thanks alot

please reply...thanks

i like to study in there because i think it has a lot of equipment and i need equipments like nano labratory.
i,m an inventor, i have 6 inventions in my country ,i,m studying physics now in my country...but there is not enogh equipment to progress.
my problem is i don,t have money to come there and study......
please help me
and please reply
Thanks alot

Dear Sirs,
Thank you for these information .I finished my Master in English and I am looking into getting my Doctoral in one of your universities . I am a university teacher in Basrah University,College of Arts,Department of Translation.I wish you send me the appliation and the agreement to start the requirements you want
With regards.

Abdul Salam Abdul Majeed Al-Oqaili
Mobile :+964 7802604046
Basrah University-College of Arts
Department of Translation
Box No. : 26
Basrah Univ.Post Office

hai , us is a good place to study , its my ambition to . but i have finence problem , is there any possible sponsors who can help me studying in USA ? pls help me .


give me information aboout PHARMA.M.B.A. IN USA
about the unviresities and admission crieteria and reauirements for pharma mba ?

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