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Your inspiring stories…

A poor man and a student – by Egbe nelvis Njibiri, Cameroon

There was a poor man, who had nothing to eat in our village. Then came a boy who had spent all his time to study in Europe. This made him very proud and anyone who came his way, he just mocked them.

The poor man was on his way for the village meeting and so was the boy who studied in Europe. It has rained so much that the road was very muddy. The boy who studied in Europe splashed mud over the poor man as he sped in his car. Black mud was all over his best clothes. He exclaimed, “cha, to be poor is a sin.” After the meeting he told his children. The first son of that father promised him he must also study in Europe and in a quality school where life gets better.

Guess what, I was the first son of that poor man.

Niloo Torabzadeh – Iran

There is no way for me to improve as I want – and I know I’m powerful enough to be different. I am a girl and I can’t decide for myself. We have traditions that make me walk away from my country. As a girl I just have two ways to choose for my life: getting married or living with my parents. If I marry, someone else shall decide for me!

I like to study, to be more experienced and wise and more open-minded. I’d like to have a good job and find a way to change my life, a way that helps me get to my goals.

Maureen Dengah – North Sulawesi (Indonesia)

I am very interested to study English. I work in a resort in North Sulawesi and my big hope is I can speak in conversation with foreign people in English better. I can speak a little bit of Japanese too.

In my job at front office I am very shy ‘cos I can’t speak English, just say yes and no. I am divorced, my son is very proud of me when I speak English with guests. I’d like to teach my son too. I love him very much. My hoping, I imagine I could be a good tour leader or guide.

Natashka Ber – Republic of Moldova

Many people never heard about my country, but it is a small beautiful place in Eastern Europe. I am an ambitious and optimistic person, who dreamt from childhood to become a famous fashion designer.

Everything which refers to art: fashion, make up, painting, design, is part of my life. I want very much to study at one of the Fashion Design faculty from England. In the future I hope that I can create my personal clothes, and have a small atelier, personalised in romantic style.

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I need a friend who every day give me mail and I always replled him/her for my written skill develop.He/She is my real firend.

i'm come from indonesia. i'm very want study in oversea.

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