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Australia: Still time to apply for Deakin’s 2008 scholarships

Deakin University in Victoria, Australia, offers 32 scholarships every year to high achieving students through their International Scholarship Program (DUISP).

Worth $5,000 for each year of study, it is open to applicants on all courses and all campuses. Some 2008 DUISP scholarships are still available for students beginning their studies in the July semester this year. To apply, you must already be eligible to study on your course with Deakin University and have an Australian student visa.

The award is based purely on academic merit, to allow high-achieving students from around the world the chance to study at one of Australia’s leading universities.

Deakin University has four campus locations in Victoria – one in the cosmopolitan city of Melbourne, and the others on the coast of Victoria in Geelong and Warrnambool. It offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses, excellent research facilities and international student support.

To find out more about the scholarships available at Deakin, contact one of our student counsellors for an application form. 2009 applications close on September 20th, 2008 and successful applicants will be notified by October 31st 2008.

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Firstly I would like to intruduce my self to you.

My complet name is : Alberto Correia
Date of birth : Timor Leste 9th May 1985
Local address: Delta IV Comoro, Dili barat, Timor Leste
Nationality: Timorense (East Timor people)
Occupation : A student of Civil Engineering (Technical High School graduated 2004)

Email : [email protected]

I would like to submite my proposal to you and also I attached my Technical High School Certificate and my Baptismal Certificate.
Here is my proposal, and I am sorry with my english...


Our country Timor Leste is a new country and too young, because we just got our independence day on 20th May 2002 seven years ago. It means that this country needs many developments in many areas and departments, such as: engineering area, economically, technological, social, healt, education political, tourism, agricultor etc. Through the all departments and areas above, this country could get its development and can grows up like another country. One of the important department is engineering. So I will prefer to the engineering area because my backround is from Technical High School.

I am as a sitizen of this country I have to contribute my self to develop this country with the skills and knowledge that I gaind in my Technical High School. But the skill that I hava is not enough, that is way I am coming to you to ask your help and support to supporting me in oreder I could continue my study over University. Because I belive that after I graduate from university I can learn and gain more knowledge and skills. Through the University I can also develop my skill and knowledge to become high.

Since I was a child I have dremt to become an engineer in civil construction area. But recently I do not prove yet it because my family could not support me. And if I could get any possibility from you I would like to prove it soon as possible. Even I got many problems in my life since I had graduated from my technical high school 2004, but I will continue to observe and looking for many wayses to get scholarship or financial support. I would like to become an engineer in one day to develop my new country East Timor.

If I could get your support, actualy I would like to continue my study in this country but because in my observation all universities here doesn't has practicalities an equipments, daoesn't has laboratory practicality, library or we can say uncopletly facilities and etc..

In my plan if I could get any possibility from you in this time I would like to continue my study over Indonesian country at GADJAH MADA UNIVERSITY (UGM) in Yokyakarta as soon as possible. The reason why I chose Indonesia to seeking knowledge over there, it is because they have complet facilities, such as: an equipment tools for practicality, laboratory, library etc. I belive that when I finishing my study over Indonesia I will bring more knowledge and skills that I gaind to my country. And in the same time I can contribute my self to this country.

In my request I have puted amount money. With this money I will use it to pay my university, rent house, food, buying books, trasnportation from my country to Indonesia and to treat also my documets and etc.

I think that is my proposal and hopefuly may you will help me to consider my situation.

Thank you very much,

Best regards.

Alberto Correia
Address: Delta IV, Comoro, Dili, Timor Leste
Email: [email protected]

iam studying hndit i want to follow my higher studies in personal address is 15/A old post office road.sainthamaruthu-09.srilanka.postal code 32280 phone+910602671267

Dear sir,
i am viky my aim is to join in U.S. or in Australia to study through lingustics. if its possible to do my linguistic course there becaus why i asking means mine is low percentage english influnce is low so i am verymuch afraid of studying through abroad. please give some ideas for developing skills and some tips for me.

Dear sir/Madum,
i'm from Sri Lanka graduated with pharmacy & looking for higher studies from relevant feild. i'm very much interested to do higher studies in australia. it is highly appreciated if u can support me for schollarship programms from australia.

Dear Sir or Madam,

I'm MAria from East Timor, am 24th years old,now am study at The University of Dili (UNDIL), Timor Leste, faculty of Economic department of accounting 6th I would like to strength my capacity for different skill outside East Timor.could you assist me how to find the best way for my future specially how to developing my country that ussually affected by crisis as you know know or hear via newspaper about bad situation that East Timor faced each year.

Kind Regards

I would like introduce myself, I am anil Kumar from Cochin (India). I want to ask one information . Can i get any free studies in any field study in Australia

Dear Sir / Madam,

My name is Nesreen. I am a BA graduate in Management and would like to study in Australia.Is there any possibility of free scholarships?

With Best Regards,
Nesreen feisal

Dear Sir/Maam,

I would just like to inquire if there is any scholarship for any short term trainings either in early childhood education or guidance and counseling in any university in australia.
May this humble inquiry would merit your kind consideration.Thank you very much

dear sir/medum
i'm shahid ali from pakistan. student of last term MSc Biology & looking for highar studies from revevant field (bio techinology,micro biology or molecular biology).
i'm vary much intereting to do highar studies in Australia.It is highly appreciated if you can support me for scholarship programs from Australia.
shahid ali

Dir sir/Madam!
I am Agnes from Rwanda,graduated in DENTISTRY,I would like to continue my higher studies in Australia.It is highly appreciated if i can get a scholarship program from Australia.
Thank you very much.

Dir sir/Madam!
I am Agnes from Rwanda,graduated in DENTISTRY,I would like to continue my higher studies in Australia.It is highly appreciated if i can get a scholarship program from Australia.
Thank you very much.

Dear Madam/Sir
I Mohamed abubaker adam Sudanese Biomedical engineer graduate Bsc from Gezira University Sudan 1998 and I have good experiace in raiotherapy equipment linear accelerator Co-60 ,Gamma camera and lab equipment ,it is high apprecated if I get scholarship in biomedical in Australia,

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a physically disabled student of Bangladesh. Due to polio disease I got this disability. There is a major problem in the hip joint and the knee of my left leg. This is why I have to limp badly while walking. At present the muscle strength of my both legs has been getting weak gradually and due to walk in limping my backbone have been bent which resulting me no longer to walk for long distance. I use a single elbow crutch to support me in walking but it does not help me properly.

In order to overcome my physical disability and thus starting a new life I got admitted in NCC Education, UK in distance learning to complete two international diplomas related computing and 1 year before I have completed these diplomas. The result of those diplomas is good and I was also given an award named 'ROLL OF HONOUR' for my good result.

Since that I am working as a programming language teacher in an institute. Besides I am also working as a free-lancing software developer. Now I intend to get more higher education in computing and would like to complete my BSc (Hons) in Computer Science so that I am able to learn more deeply which will lead me to build a good career.

My country is very poor and our Govt. universities do not allow mature students to get admitted in their courses. But I am 27 years old. Due to physical disability my studies were hampered for several times.

This is why I intend to get admitted in any reputed university in the subject of BSc (Hons) in Computer Science.

Unfortunately my father is not financially able to support my study in India as he is a low earning primary school teacher. Already he has raised a loan of big amount to enable me in study under NCC Education, UK. Now it is completely impossible for him to give me funds. But I need and dream to have higher education as it is needed to make me more competitive for the good job market.

This is why I am writing this letter to the all who view this regularly. Is there any one who can arrange me fundings so that I am able to study in India to get Hons degree to make me more competitive for a good job?

Yours sincerely,
Mohammad Nasir Uddin

I would like to continue my study in abroad, but now I'm still the fourth semester in my university. I hope next two years, I can apply and be accepted to study overseas. that is my dream. is there any scholarship for international students and how to get it!

Dear Sir/Madam

i want to apply for Deakin’s 2008 scholarships.Can u tell me the procedure?i am a myanmar citizen.I have only finish a high school
at our country and have a diploma for network..It is possible to apply this scholarship..

Please Reply


Aung Naing Oo

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am a CPA/MBA but I want to study in Australia on a Scholarship for a specific course in Management (Masteral degree)which is Masters in International Business.

I hope you can help me on this aspect. Please keep in touch with me email address. Thank you very much

Very truly yours,

I was offered a place at Deakin University in 2003 to do postgraduate studies in MBA online. However, I did not have the money to fund my stidies therefore I missed this opportunity. Should I be given a second chance for this postgraduate studies online?

I don't know if my records are still there at Deakin. .I would like to express my interest again to do my MBA in Human Resource Management/Marketing or Master of Psychology online.

Selwyn. K. Alua
Ombudsman Commission
Papua New Guinea

Dear Sir/Madam,
I am BSAgriculture graduate and have a Master's Degree in Public Management from Xavier University, Cagayan de Oro City Phils., and I would like to pursue further studies at Deakin. I would like to apply for a scholarship grant from Deakin specifically in the areas regarning governance or agribusiness.
I am presently a government employee and am functioning as a soils analyst/agicultural technologist. I hope you can assist me in this line. You can contact me in my e-mail address.
Thank you.
Very truly yours,
Alberto Ca. Acebedo, Jr.MPM

I am Indonesian who want to strenghten my capacity in English languate education. Is it possible for me to get scholarship to continue my post graduate program on english education. I graduated from Malang State University, East Java, Indonesia, English Department. Send me information in my e-mail address.

helmi s

i want yu to help me.and get me my shcolashipe to yr i want yu yu to do that for me and i want yu to get me my visa.bcs i like to come an school in yr do that for me ok thanks

request scholarship

At present i am working in hospital as a Registered nurse in Intensive Care Unit.Now i would like to do BSc Nursing or Post graduate Diploma in any of the world.

Dear Sir/Madam,

My complet name is : Ailar sajedifar
Date of birth : 25th October 1980 Address: No.35, 43th street,Fardis, Karaj,Tehran, Iran
Nationality: Iranian
Occupation : A student of Geology- Tectonics
At present i am working in GEOLOGICAL SURVEY OF IRAN .Now i would like to do phd Geology-Tectonics in Australia.
Thank you.

Dear sir/ madam
I'm sophea. I live in Cambodia; i realy want to study in other country. Now i study at National University of Managerment. i want to get schoolership in your country.Can you tell me some qualities i should have to get schoolership to study in Australia.

dear sir iam dr santosh kumar ochani i passed mbbs 2001 and three year expirance in anesthesia so i want schooler ship your country for further study in anesthesia kindly give information about schooler ship thanks

dear sir iam dr santosh kumar ochani i passed mbbs 2001 and three year expirance in anesthesia so i want schooler ship your country for further study in anesthesia kindly give information about schooler ship thanks

R/sir i am at present working as RMO in department of pediatrics of tertiary level care hospital attached with medical university since last 6 years at hyderabad sindh pakistan. i wish to present my services and continue my postgraduation at australia, may you kindly help me in this regard.

Hollow! I'm Sylvia Imalike, a Tanzanian girl born 23rd October 1985
I'm the graduate in Batchelor of Science Home Economics and Human Nutrition from Sokoine unuversity of Agriculture in Tanzania.
I'm interested to continue with studies in Masters of Human Nutrition im Australia on in any other university. I'm asking for the financial support for my studies.

hi mam
i m a veternarian,i want to study in australia through a u like to help me

i want to have the scholarships for the year 2011

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