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I wish I could stay and study in my country – Nigeria. A country I love from the depth of my heart, a country I’m proud to be a citizen of, but frustrated in my bid to secure admission into university.

You see, Nigerians have a philosophy that says "man know man". This means that you must know a higher authority to get what you want. Although I have written five examinations with very high scores, I'm unable to secure admission. Of course I have chosen to be different, I will never do what they do but what is right.

My desire to be educated is not for the sake of a certificate, but for strong desire to develop my IQ.

Therefore, my heart beats for a school which has all I need. Where can I find such a school is my question. Having gone through some StudyLink information, listening to news and asking questions, I became sure that Australia is one of those best places to study and that has why my choice is Australia.

Okpunyi Ode, Nigeria

I’m a 28 year old single woman still living with my parents, and I have 3 other siblings in college. My father retired in 2006 and I became the only one in the family who is working. It is hard, but not bad. I will do anything to keep this family together, so that’s why I want to improve my knowledge as well and my life and my career.

I know I can do it, and I will do it.

Wiwik - Tangerang Indonesia

Why I would like to study overseas

First, because I live in developing country. I have interest to learn more than I can in my own country, and then I can apply the knowledge in my country, so I can help it to develop. Sounds naive? Buts that all I can do.

And secondly, I love to learn about other cultures, specially industrial countries. To learn how they have discpline, how they fight to reach what they believe they can reach, and about the social culture, the way of thinking and so on. I know it may not be as good as I thought, but it’s still better than what I can get here.

I would like to study in USA or Malaysia. Why USA? Because I'm a medical student and I heard that USA has the best in study in medicine. And why Malaysia? Because in Southeast Asia, Malaysia is the closest to my country with good medicine, and because I'm a Muslim.

My ambition is to reach my goal, to become a helpful doctor who can give the best contribution to myself, my family and my country.

Kenny Primatya, Indonesia

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I am from a developing country Nigeria and at the same time from a poor family. In other to help in making ends meet, I would like to study in a developed country like Australia so as to obtain a standard accademic as well as coming out with flying colours

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