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Destination UK

Our recent StudentPulse survey showed that the UK is about to overtake the US as the most desired destination for international students. What makes a UK education so attractive? In this article, we explore what it’s really like to study, and live, in Britain.

Kanayo Enwemadu is studying a Master of Public Health at the University of Glasgow. “I wanted to study in the UK as the UK education is recognized, respected and highly valued all over the world. I immediately knew it was the right choice because of the efficiency displayed by all the staff: they are nice, friendly and approachable.” She was surprised by how beautiful the Scottish city is. “Glasgow is breathtaking; it’s a beautiful, cosmopolitan place to live.”

A qualification from a prestigious UK institution can help you fast track your international career. But there are many other benefits to studying in England, Scotland, Wales or Ireland:

Practice makes perfect: you’ll have opportunities to practice your English language skills beyond the classroom. This is the home of the English language, so it’s no surprise that every year over 600,000 international students study English in the UK.

Traditional or state-of-the-art: From the prestige of universities like Oxford or Cambridge, to high-tech facilities at many purpose-built campuses. With over 3000 educational institutions in the UK, you’ll find the right course and location for you.

Earn while you learn: Did you know you can work for up to 20 hours per week during term-time, and full-time during the holidays? This means you can add to your student funds with the extra income – and also gain valuable work experience in your chosen field.

And earn once you’ve learned: Plus, the new International Graduates Scheme allows all international students to work for up to 12 months after graduation.  In February 2008, the British Government announced plans to introduce an 'Australian-style', points-based immigration system for highly-skilled foreign workers who want to move to the UK. The system started on 29 February 2008 for foreign nationals working in Britain who want to extend their stay. From April 2008 the system will be rolled out overseas.

Discover Europe: There are so many places to explore, and travelling from the UK to Europe is easy. The channel tunnel train links London directly to Paris and Brussels, or you can fly to cities like Rome, Madrid or Lisbon in just a few hours.

Or discover the UK: For such a small nation, the UK is extremely diverse. 60 million people live in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, and each region has its own distinct culture and history. Some even have their own language.

Your home away from home: The UK has many multicultural communities. You’ll find shops selling all your favourite foods from home, in every major city. You’ll also find many people who speak your language, and places of worship for all major religions.

It’s no wonder that the latest survey by UKCOSA (the Council for International Education) found that nearly 90% of international students in the UK were satisfied with their experience. But, like any study abroad opportunity, there will be some differences to adjust to.

Tomono, from Japan, studied English at a language school in Brighton. “At first it took me a while to adjust to the strange food and the public transport system. I was really homesick. But as my confidence in speaking English improved, I met more people and really enjoyed myself.”

Studying in the UK will develop your independence, creativity, and self-reliance – and these qualities will make you even more attractive to employers around the world.

There is still time to apply for September intake in the UK. To find out more about the huge range of courses available in the UK, contact one of our student counsellors today.

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I am A.B Habib. I life in Afghanistan.
And I pass the my high school
Now I want to go university for studying civil engineering program but here I can’t start that because of Afghanistan Situation is not good and here is everyday war and I am not able to do that here and also here is not a good quality education.
And , I want come to UK and I want start my education in UK as student , and I need help ,, if there is anybody and he hear me please help me and advice me to I know
What is the procedure and what is the way to coming to the UK for Education.


iam radha iam from nepal
i hve passed that i would like to go uk for studing as a student,i need ur help if there ia any body & here me please help me? what kind of requirements are needed?pls help me.

i have passed bechelor of education.i would like to go u.k for further uk where i can contnue it. help me

hi its me mr.sherpa from Nepal,i have passed higher secondary school in 2004 study was discontinue due to poltical problem in my hometown so i didnot,now i would like countinue my study again if there is any oppertunities please let me chance to make my bright future & career.

thank you.

I have B.E degree from Mumbai university. 3.5 years of work expereince at managerial position. please suggest which univerity is best suited for doing MBA in UK. i have not given GMAT.

I am sanjay I life in india.
And I pass the my gradution(com)
Now I want to go university for studying civil mba but here I can’t start that because of my family is very big and my father was retyre.i am working part time and stydu, Situation is not good and I am not able to do that here.
And , I want come to UK and I want start my education in UK as student , and I need help ,, if there is anybody and he hear me please help me and advice me to I know
What is the procedure and what is the way to coming to the UK for Education

hi im marites atayde, a newly graduate of bachelor of science in nursing, im planning to study there in UK but i don't have money all i want to do is work at the same time study there.

I am Rev.Nihal Mendis from Sri Lanka.Serving the the Lord over 32 years here in my Island of Sri Lanka. Now I wish to study more towards Master of Theology and of Missions. Please help me as I don't have finances to comeover to UK. I have 3 kids and all of them are still studying. I am in an urgent need for a sponsor who would graciously help my 3 kids education. Please direct me to a person who will help with my urgent need.Also I have a very urgent financial need towards house rent within next few days about 1,000= GBP.Please help me in my present crisis.Thank you.

May God bless you!

Rev. Nihal Mendis

hi i am sinan peter graduated from al mustanseria university(medical college) /baghdad - iraq .
and now i had M.B.CH.C degree in medicine and i am looking for further education and escpecially ascholar ships ,
also i had an IELTS DEGREE 6.5


iam pardeep iam from punjab
i hve passed that i would like to go uk for studing as a student,i need ur help if there ia any body & here me please help me? what kind of requirements are needed?pls help me.

more imformation about the school.

Whassup?? My name's Ulugbek. I left school last year and now I wanna study in UK or USA. What must I do? I there anyone wanna help? Please help me. I'll be very glad to hear from you.

i am tinku varghese from kerala, india ..... i want to study in uk for my mba. i have passed from madurai kamaraj university, tamilnadu. spmenpdy help me what should i do to get an admission in a pretigious university in uk......

hi my name is rameez and i am from pakistan.i have done fcs(computer science) and i now i want to study abroad to continue my study in uk and i have get 5.0 bands in ielts and i want to do bcs in IT.if any body hear me plz help me.

hi, i want to get admission in phd in germany , france or swiiss in the field of biology. i am doing my Ms in biochemistry from quaid-i-azam university, islamabad, pakistan. tell me how to apply.

Hello !
i am fayyaz from pakistan .
i have passed my intermediat examination and i want to go to
university for higher education and want to do some extra is future . i want to continue my higer education in UK . please kindly help me how can i go to UK for education .

Shalom. I'm Rev. Krisman Purba. I'm from Indonesia. I have been serving The Lord's congregation for 7 years. Now I want to continue my my study for Master of Theology in the field of Christian Education in Australia, but I can not earn my study by myself. I have tried to make some applications for getting scholarship, but they were useless. Please help me. I really need someone who can support me untill I can continue my post graduation study. Thank you for yaour help. May the peace of God always be with you.

ass... i'm eka from indonesia.. now i'm studying in OHS of public health in hasanuddin university,, but i want to improve my english language,, so that i hope i can improve it in UK. please help me for getting scholarship, coz its important for my career in the future.. thanks.. i keep fighting 'till the end... ^_^

hi i' romnick, from Lanao del Norte philippines. i am a fresh graduate of Associate in comp. science and i want to pursue a degree course of it but my family can't afford on that matter. can i study on your school, for free?

i have a good academic standing, i graduated my secondary education as class valedictorian. i'm looking forward to the chance you'll give to me to reach my dreams.

Hi, my name is Ira. I live in Malaysia. I've newly finish my high school but my SPM examination result is just enough for me to study in any local university. and i heard that there's still a time to apply any course to study in UK. How i want solve my problem? If you get any clue please reply me back.

hi i am chhabi.i life in nepal.i want to study in uk.i don't know,whatis the procedure to study in uk.i passed highschool leval. if you help me plz explain me about the procedure to study in uk

i want to study in MBA . I have done BSC in Econmics. right now working in banking..can u help me ..i want to study in USA or From UK


I have done my graduation with Business Management in 2002 and I have 6 years managerial job experience but i am not getting desired growth because I am not an MBA. So i wish to do MBA from UK. Please suggest me about good universities and way of getting admission, Thanks.

I am ADNAN from, B.A.Please help me how can i get admission to the UK for educational purposes, means to continue my higher study.....


I am doing my O-Levels from Pakistan and after that I want to go to UK or France(Paris) for A-Levels and Graduation.
What I have to do to go UK for studies?

Dear Sir/Madam
I completed my Msc (comp). I am in search of taking admission in the developed countries. Though I am not able to fund for my study but am ready for partial loan and partial scholarship. If got full scholarship then of course would be my good luck. Plz let me know about the criterial for my elegibility. for which I am ready to show all my experiences and academic records


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