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Study your way to success

Many of you have written in, asking for ideas on how you can get into the course of your dreams, or win a scholarship that will help you get there. One way to opening the door to success in the future is by improving your academic results today.

Whether you are at high school, completing your undergraduate degree, studying English, or working on your post-graduate qualifications, you need to prove to your teachers that you have the ability to succeed. And the better your results, the more choice you’ll have for further study in the future.

Plus, you’ll also improve your future career and salary prospects. A recent study in Switzerland looked into whether being a good student is important. It found that graduates with higher grades found jobs with better career prospects when they graduated. So, it is clear that having good grades will affect your salary prospects.

Studying is the ability to learn, understand, and analyse information, and put that knowledge to use. This might be through an exam, essay, assignment, or practical use in an internship.

Study smarter, not harder

We’ve talked to study experts around the world, and come up with a guide on how your can make your study time more effective. It’s not about the time you put in, but how smart you study. And when you are trying to fit study around all the other busy parts of your life, such as part time work and family, this is essential.

We have split our top twelve study tips into the way your mind, body and spirit can help you study.


1. Pick and mix your study techniques
There are many different ways of learning and revising. Try a few, and see what works for you.

  • Tape your classes, and listen to them on the way home or to work
  • Review index cards with key words or points
  • Organise the course information to make sense of the big picture
  • Mind map or colour code different elements of your subject
  • Make more notes as you read your own notes – find different ways of explaining things

2. Make a plan
Set up a revision timetable in your diary or weekly planner. Allocate time for assignments well in advance of the due date

3. Review often – and quickly
Never wait for the day before your exams to review your notes (also know as ‘cramming’). Read over your notes straight after class, and then again in short frequent bursts. Do some coursework every day.

4. Ask questions before a test
Before a test, ask your teacher what material will be covered and what kind of questions to expect. They may have some sample papers for you to practice on.

5. Edit a friend’s paper
Offer to edit an assignment for a friend. It’s a great learning experience, as everyone approaches their work differently.


6. Eat, exercise and sleep
You need to stay fit and healthy to concentrate and learn.

7. ‘A’ students never miss a class
Sit in the front row if you can – it improves concentration. And don’t skip the first and last minutes of a class, when there is often important information about tests and assignments.

8. Know yourself
Do you study better at night or early in the morning? Plan your study time around when you work best.

9. Location, location, location
Choose a quiet, well-lit room to study in: your school library, an empty classroom or a study room. Put up a ‘do not disturb’ sign at home. But make sure you take a short break every 90 minutes.


10. It’s all about attitude
Stay positive – you can do it! Write positive messages on your wall. Be enthusiastic about your subjects.

11. Trust your instincts
Don’t doubt yourself in an exam or essay question. Just go with your instincts – and stick to them.

12. Better together
A study group can help you stay motivated. Share your ideas, and test each other. You may also find an online group, where you can study with students from other universities or even other countries. It’s a good way to get a fresh perspective on your subject.

You may find that not all these tips are right for you, or for your course. But hopefully you are now inspired to try a new way of remembering information or preparing for a test. For more specific information on exam techniques, writing essays, or researching assignments, the British Council has a good online reference

We’d love to hear your own top study tips – please share them with us by commenting below. And don’t forget to contact one of our student counsellors when you are ready to take the next step – and study overseas!

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I am Dr. Farid Ahmad Safi graduated from Medial College on 2004- after that i am working with a international Organization in field of Public Health up to now,
Furthermore, i am seeking for a Scholarship to be able to get my Master Degree.
With regards,
Farid Ahmad Safi
Medical Doctor ,

waiting for your kind reply .

I'm Lucio B.N freitas graduated from Educational Science at East Timor National University (UNTL) on April 2007. I was working at one international organization for community education up to now.
Furthermore I'm looking for a scholarship to get my Master Degree.

Looking forward I'm hearing from you.

Best Regards

Lucio B.N Freitas

What is the best time to study.Is it morning or late night?

I'm rajan, undergraduate in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Tribhuvan University of Nepal. I have certifications and training buttressing
my academics and I'm currently working as Network Administrator at NOC of an ISP. I'm seeking schlorship to get my Masters degree. I'm about to appear on GMAT and TOEFL for my interest to upgrade with MBA.

nice article lookin forward for more. thanks!!!!!!!!


It depends on you. If you notice that your mind responds quicker and is able to concentrate better in the evening, then study in the evening. But if you notice that you respond and concentrate better in the early morning, it would be better to study in the morning.

Personally, I study in the early morning. I find that I can "absorb" the material I'm studying better in the morning than at night. This is probably because I was able to rest, lessening the stress I have before studying.

Do what you find is best for you. Good luck! :)

I am Dr. saima saleem graduated from Medial College on 2001- after that i worked as medical officer in various medical fields in hospital.
now i am seeking for a Scholarship to be able to get my Master Degree in MPH(master in public health)in Australia.
With regards,
Dr Saima Saleem
Medical Doctor ,

waiting for your reply

i'm habibu ramadhan mberwa i got a diploma in general nursing with psychiatry at collage of health science zanzibar,tanzania in iam employed by the ministry of health zanzibar as ENT-HN incharge in micheweni district hospital.i'm seeking for schorlar of a doctor of medicin

i'm habibu ramadhan mberwa i got a diploma in general nursing with psychiatry at collage of health science zanzibar,tanzania in iam employed by the ministry of health zanzibar as ENT-HN incharge in micheweni district hospital.i'm seeking for schorlar of a doctor of medicin

I am Dr Danawade L.N. Doctorate in Botany from Shivaji University Kolhapur.I like the 12 Study tips very much.I amlooking after youngsters in the age group of 14 to 20 years . I have to intermittantly give tips for their school study. The problem is that they always study smartly that is when the exam are much nearer. They complain about remembering the things after reading. Therefore it would be better if you would have told about how to remember better after smart stuy

Hi, I'm Angelita Tobias a graduate of Statistics and currecntly working at the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics, Philippines. Now i am seeking scholarship for my master degree.

I am waiting for your favorable response.

Angelita P. Tobias

Well the best time for me is the evening, after I take a shower, eat and sleep a little bit, then, I can focus on homework...etc.

Hello Dear, I,m Muhammad Imran i am Intermediate passed i wnt to up my study now. if the "Study Link" halp me any way so will be great thankful. I am waiting your ansower.
Thanks & Regards

Muhammad Imran

iam a singapore PR from myanmar.i want to be tested psle to attend secondary school,i don't want learn any language as a second language.i want to be test Burmese at myanmar ambassy.what shall i need?i am 13.i am the youngest so plsssssssssss reply me quick

Now i m so confuse weather i should continouse for study or just go to work.I only 18 am my mind was just wanna go for working only,although now i am studying,but i hate the course it was so difficult am not easy to understand what was the teacher is teaching,it made me so stress am very hate with it.

very nice to see the above information of working smart than hard.............which wud really work with me,and thanks for it.
i would like to know what would be the better course to be taken after completing 'BE'
so plz let me know about this....
waiting for the reply...
thank you

I'm Mirasol Cancino a graduate of 2 yr computer Secretary,and recently working as a secretary in the government agency (Job Order)I'm seeking for scholarship to pursue my degree course. I'm waiting for your favorable response.

hello , how are you,i love you

I just have graduated English Arts, and i want to pursue my study abroad; could you help me. Adnan AL- Halmi

thats absoluttly right.thanks 4 d advice.

thank you so much.
soory I'm olways not respon your messege, becouse my have problem ekonome for my live.
I'm very poor, not money, not peaple can to help me,
my have life to be isolation, depretion, disstress, and stress.
if you want to help me please your call me; +62 0856 8861148.
thank you very much

I'm always online by rent computer, to looking anly at anytime.

hallo I'm again
if your have opinion or idea for me please I need your call me; +62 0856 8861148
I have creasy to made in electrick not raw material.
but I do not have support money.
What can I do for to start creace to my have prrogramme.
please your Ide/opinion.

thank you

yadi fitriadi

Once again I would like to tell you all I graduated form high school in Afganistan in 2005 ofter my school I got job as Customer care Reperesentative in Roshan telecommunication company in Afganistan there for didn't complete my university education right now I'm looking for Scholarship around the word to complete my university education. Wish you all the best.

Kind Regards.

Thanx for the tips, it motivated me to get ready for the exams.

I'd like to add one more tip : read or see how serious other students are. It will help us to be more serious in studying.

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