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Quick Quiz – UK or USA?

1. Which of these is the main reason you want to study overseas?

a) To meet people from all over the world
b) To travel as much as I possibly can
c) To get a job in a major multinational company
d) To learn English in an English-speaking country

2. What would you rather do on a free weekend?

a) Meet friends at a pub for a few drinks and a meal
b) Fly or catch a train to a place I’ve never been before
c) Go to Disneyland
d) Watch a sporting match

3. What is your favourite time of year?

a) Winter – I prefer being cosy indoors
b) Spring – seeing the promise of new life in nature
c) Summer – I love swimming and soaking up the sun
d) Autumn – the change of seasons is beautiful to watch

4. Where would you most like to work when you graduate?

a) Somewhere in the UK
b) Somewhere in Europe
c) Somewhere in the US – or for an American company
d) In my home country

5. What is your favourite food?

a) Indian curry
b) Fish and chips
c) An enormous hamburger and chips
d) I always like to try new things!

6. And what do you most like to drink?

a) beer
b) a nice cup of tea
c) a strong cup of coffee
d) any kind of soft drink or juice

7. Finally, what describes you best as a student?

a) I know exactly what I want to study, and what I want to do in my career
b) I enjoy learning and can motivate myself to study
c) I like to learn about different kinds of things and challenge myself in different fields
d) I’m not sure what I want to major in or what work I want to do – but I know what interests me most right now.

Ready? Now add up your score for each letter.

If you answered mostly a)s and b)s, the UK may be the best place for you to study. If you answered mostly c)s you should explore your options in the USA. If you answered mostly d)s, either would suit you – so go with your instinct, and let us know what you decide!

Have you had any experience studying in the UK or the US that you would like to share? Post your comments below, we’d love to hear from you.

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i ting its realy good quiz this,according to this quiz i wiling to sduty in uk,bz realy my goll is i have to study well and enjoiy is im rich after my goll,so i wan to study uk but brob is im still on sri lanka and i need visa if i get this ill thangs full in my life..any how uk will be the answer of myn.thanks study link

i wnt to study us

UK is better for me according to the test
but realy i wish to go thier

First of all thanks a lot to study Link. actually i interest to study in aboth country. For me now, i need scholarhip to take study oversea. if i have chance, i wish i can do that things someday.

I have never been any of them and my choise is UK .

I wish studying in UK. It doesn't matter much if it is USA. All that matters is the coaching and environment.

I will like to study in the USA if there education system be flexible as to the UK.I have been to the UK and itis pretty exciting to study there but in USA though i have never been there it extremely difficult to obtain a visa even if you have genue documents you may turn down.Any way i will like to study in USA as a result of the presence of my family if i have a visa.

i prefer to study in UK...

I answered mostly a)s and b)s, the UK is the best place for study.

i wish uk i am from iran

I want to study in usa or uk.

I like to prefer USA


i wish to study in US!

i hope someone could help me to fulfill my dreams in studying abroad!
it is for also for the future of my daughter named Dahna,whom i really love so much!

thank you!

Madeth here from Philippines

i hope someone could help me to fulfill my dreams in studying abroad!
it is for also for the future of my daughter named Dahna,whom i really love so much!

thank you!

Madeth here from Philippines

uk and usa both are the best place for study so i prefer that place which is best for study

i wish study in US

ilove to work in uk at desame time i love to study different language,tourism,food and restaurant 34.ive done 4 year course here in philippines BSED im a licensed teacher with one daughter. a single mom. when it comes work ihave lot of experience caregiver. food frocesscor,office aide,gardening

hello, I want to take a decision in both of country but USA is not support to pakistan. and he called and says that the Pakistan is a torrist. but why the USA people called pakistan is a torrist. but I am selected to UK of the pakistan education he give a lot of scheme for pakistani people for example working holiday scheme its so easy and good for pakistani.

i want to study in uk

I like to study in UK,if any univercity can offer me a scholarship, that will be fine

hai i am vipin studied plus two
i want to study in usa about the information technology

First i extend my profound thanks to Study Link,then i should point out that my field of interest is studing in UK!


Hussin ali karimi

thanks all of you specially study link.i wish to study abroad,in any of these countries.

I studied both sites of the atlantic. Choosing which country is depending on what your needs are. In UK, you hardly get to see your personal tutor or your professor who is busy for his/her books to get published(the system required them to do this otherwise, they will get kicked out sooner or later). You do not get any support from your university, plus networking after graduation does not exist, but now Brit Unis are following the footstepts of US alumni style of networking. In US, Library service: inculding interlibrary loan are the best for free of charge, you can print out 4000 pages for free. Scholarships: you name it; summer scholarship, stipend for internship, research...etc. You alwyas get support from your professors and departmental staff who are always there to help you. Activities on campus are so wonderful that you do not want to graduate and leave the uni. So once you get your foot at the door of US university, things will fall in place as long as you are prepared to work hard for your studies. If you want to go for PhD, almost all the Unis provide scholarship for PhD students.

Amjad Ali
I have never been in UK or USA but the reason for going to U.K is i want to meet the people of all the world and the level of study in UK is attractive.
[email protected]

it really helped me .but iwant a direct talk with counsllors so that they can guide me more better . please send me some telephone as i am in great need if posibble . i am waiting


i want to go USA to get higher Education

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