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USA: UC researchers take on global warming issues

Researchers from the University of Cincinnati’s (UC) Department of Geography joined fellow academics at the recent Ninth International Conference on Permafrost. It was hosted by the University of Alaska earlier this month.

The conference focused on changes in the permafrost – permanently frozen ground that covers 20% of earth’s land surface. These areas are facing new challenges in the era of global warming.

And it’s not just the high polar regions that are affected. UC Professor Ken Hinkel said: “We are receiving a lot of interest from high altitude, high latitude areas, Antarctica, the Alps, the Andes, Tibet.” Longer summers, a deeper thaw and changes in the structure of lakes mean that there have been new pressures to explore and exploit potential mineral wealth.

Each conference adds to the library of information the University has on permafrost issues. The role of these regions is becoming increasingly important as the effects of global warming become clearer. As the ice-rich ground melts, it releases carbon into the atmosphere as greenhouse gases. And this may further fuel climate change.

It’s cold work though. Hinkel has been working on Alaska’s North Slope since May 25th, observing changes in temperature and layer thickness. After the conference he headed straight back to Barrow for a post-conference field-trip.

The University of Cincinnati has been the source of many important scientific discoveries and social changes since it first began teaching in 1819. These include:

  • the first antihistamine
  • the oral polio vaccine
  • the designer of the Golden Gate Bridge

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UC has also just announced a new scholarship for international students, the UC Global Scholarship. Worth up to $7,000 per year, you’ll need to study full-time, maintain a 3.2 grade average and complete the annual 30 hour volunteer service requirement.

You must be a citizen of a foreign country, currently living outside the USA, and demonstrate your academic achievements in High School, to qualify for the scholarship.

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would like to give me the information about global warming that is analysed by environment science. thanks.

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