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“Is taking an English Language Test necessary for entry into all undergraduate and postgraduate programmes?”


Yes, all students must take an English language test if they wish to apply for undergraduate or postgraduate programmes at foreign universities where the courses are taught in English. In addition, while applying for a student visa for most destinations, it's mandatory to show proof of English language ability.
You must also remember that your success at university will depend on your ability to express yourself well in your class, in written papers and in your examinations.
If your native language is not English, you should take the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) examination or the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) examination (academic modules) in your home country.
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im a student of political science in a public university at bangladesh.ii want to study in post graduate with this relevant subject in a foreign university,so what can i do now?

i want to know whether ielts is accepted in universities in usa for mba????

how much CP is required during degree..BVSC and AH

i appreciate it very much for this information,only i can't enroll at this time due to my diagnose, i'm waiting that i'll be in good health before i will apply this study proposal.i'm really interested to join this study.i hope i can join next jan.thank you so much for inviting me. sincerely your ruth

iam graduated of 12th class from Afghanistan how will you guid me to learn IT in America or Canada

i am studing in master of science in iran .my major is microbiology,i want to get scolorship from one of the university in australia for phd,would you help me?what should i do ?what should i have?thanks a lot.

I'm a Finance marketing management(CBSE) student from INDIA of 12'th std,I'm interested in doing undergraduate business administration course in some good university,I dont have maths,but have English, business studies, accountancy, business process outsourcing skills, acccounting for business, and Finance. So please suggest me a good institute, Thankyou

i'm from university from malaysia want to know how to apply to study in Charles Darwin University and i am a student from mechanical engineering that want to study in post graduate with this relevant subject in a foreign university,so what can i do now?

i am here with you for more than one year aimlessly.I am seeking a scholarship to complete my higher education.Ifyou can help me at this regard,Iwould be happy and grateful to you.


im from malaysia and is MUET enough for the english requirement in overseas or shall i take TOEFL or IELTS??

I have done my Masters in English Literature,so IELTS is also neccasry for me as well and if neccasry then how much band score is required

How to pass the interview? but my English is so sufficient?

what must I prepare on interview if I get the ADS

i m interested in cumng to study in australia.right now i m doing b.c .a after cumpleting you suggest me which exams are should be cleared thn i m able to cum.and tell me the fees structure of australia n living expenses too.


I have graduated from 12th class from Afghanistan how will you guid me to learn IT in UK, US or Canada ?

i have graduated from govt colleage ludhiana. how will you guid me to learn the MBA IN AUSTRIALA,AMRICA,CANADA.

I was a student of Lagos State Polytechnic,Lagos,Nigeria,whre i banged Higher National Diploma in Business Administration but now i want to enrol at CDU Australia to study either Economics or English and communication art.
Please what can i do?

hai iam sushant.iam doing ug in physics.and iam highly interested in taking theoritical physics as my carrer can u plz suggest me how many top unversities offer course in theoritical phyics.plz reply asap
sushant goel

please help me , i want to continue my education in USA or Canada orUK , from wich way i can apply a univercity or take acception or even scholarship?

I am iranian.
my english launguge is bad.
I want to study english in UK and then take the IELTS test
and go to university.
it is possible or not?
how long this course taken?
and how is scholarships, tuition fees, living costs, and how to apply for a student visa?



I wanna ask two question, please.

First, I want to know the documents I have to comply for my application to study Masters in Business Administration at Canada.

Second, in making the application for IELTS exam, in what address the result must be send of?

Hoping for your kind consideration and appropriate action.

Sincerely yours,
Michele Gepiga

i m post graduate with accounts n i completed it in 2007.plz tel me can i go canada.n plz tel what documents do i need.i m also married n have a kid.plz tel me i will be very greatful to u.

I'm from India(Asia)i'm in the 9th grade, but still I wanted to know if I could go abroad and continue my studies after my 11th and 12 trh grade.

i want a cheapest university in sydney. i want to know which is the cheapest university for information technology's study and what is the deadline qualification for bachelor of IT? What is the minimum IELTS score for internationals and finally can we appear on online IELTS examination?

i,m from pakistani federally administration tribal area, south waziristan agency wana.i,m a student of bechlor of business administration 5th semester.Three semester r remaining of my degree.I,m a poor student can not bear the expenses of higer studies.I,m good in finance and want to M.Phil in that particular field so what should i do to get admission through scholership in any european countru.Thanx a lot

I am doing my be in E&C .I want to do my MS in london would i have to clear TOEFL examination

I am doing my be in E&C .I want to do my MS in london would i have to clear TOEFL examination

i have complted my Diploma in mechanical (2005-2008)from Jinah polytechnical i wanted to do B.Tech course .please give tell me details to do my B.Tech .

hi im in hurry to pursue my degree in australia.. i din do my IELTS yet.can i do my ielts in australia? i done my MUET must i do IELST?

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