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Let your career choose your course

Still wondering what you want to be when you ‘grow up’? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one. In the fast-paced workplaces of today, a job is no longer for life and many people will change their career – and continue learning – throughout their lives.

But it makes sense to work out what you want to do after your studies, before you decide what you actually want to study. You’re investing a great deal of time, and money, into your education, so make sure you get the right skills for your future career. Our guide to making that all important career decision will help you. And it may also guide you towards the best university and subject choices for your future.   Imagine your future Close your eyes, and try to picture yourself in ten years time. What are you doing for work? Hold onto that vision. Maybe it sounds like a dream, but you can make it a reality if it is what you truly want.

For example, you may imagine yourself travelling around the world. So a career in travel and tourism, management consulting or even retail buying may be right for you. Or you may have imagined yourself in a busy hospital, helping people who are ill or unhappy. Would you like to be a doctor, nurse, social worker or psychiatrist? Even if you imagine yourself driving a red sports car, there will be a career that will get you to there.   Back to reality Now, think about what you are actually interested in. What do you enjoy doing? What is important to you? If your career is also your hobby, it will never feel like work. And that’s the best way to achieve happiness in life.

Then it’s time to think about what you are actually good at. What subjects do you excel in? If your dream is to be a computer scientist, but you don’t like math, you may need to broaden your options. And think about how you like to work. Are you outgoing, a team player, or do you prefer to work on your own? You can take an online personality test to narrow down the types of work you would be suited to.

Real-life research

Now that you have your list of preferred career options, you need to talk with people in that field. Try to get some work experience if you can, to see if it is something you would really enjoy.

Ask them what courses or qualifications they look for when they hire a new employee. You might be surprised – even if your interest lies in the fashion industry, you could be better off getting a business qualification.

Still not sure?

If you really aren’t sure what your career future holds, choose a general undergraduate degree program, such as Arts, Social Science or Humanities. You’ll still learn important job skills, such as analysis and research, presenting your argument verbally or in a report, working as part of a team. And you’ll have the chance to explore a broad range of subject options to see what really interests you.

Post-grad expertise

Many students are choosing to study their post-graduate qualifications overseas, to give them that extra edge in their career. Post-graduate study gives you a chance to really specialise in your chosen field, and get the exact qualifications you need to succeed in your career.

It also lets you expand your career options by adding different skills to your CV, such as business management skills through an MBA, or teaching skills through a graduate diploma in education.

And if your career vision includes working overseas, make sure you include English language (or another second language) as part of your study plan.

What will you do? Take our fun career quiz to find out!

There are thousands of different career options out there for you – so we’re not going to pretend that this quiz will give you the exact answer. But you may learn something along the way that will help you make your decision. And remember, you can always chat with our student counsellors for more guidance on the right course option for you.

Choose the answer that is closest to describing you.

  1. In my spare time, I would prefer to:
    draw, paint or write stories
    earn some extra money in a part-time job
    volunteer with a local charity
  2. At school, my favourite subject was:
    art or design
    economics or maths
    social studies or language studies
  3. People say that I am:
    a good negotiator
    always trying to help other people
  4. I prefer to work:
    on my own, or independently
    for an employer that keeps me motivated (financially or through promotion)
    as part of a team, where I feel I can make a difference
  5. In ten years time, I’d love to be:
    creating something tangible, unique and exciting
    working from a corner office with a great view of the city
    winning a Nobel prize for research that changed the world
  6. I am motivated by:
    visual stimulation and ideas
    money and success
    the satisfaction of changing one life at a time

Now add up the number of times you scored each letter.

If you answered mostly a’s, you may be more suited to a creative career. This could include graphic design, writing, journalism, architecture or even engineering.

If you answered mostly b’s, you may be interested in a business or legal career. This could include work as an accountant, financial analyst, IT developer, lawyer or economics policy advisor.

If you answered mostly c’s, you are seeking a career where you can help others. This could include medicine, teaching, social work, international aid, biotech research or even environmental work.

For more information on how you can make the best international study choices, talk with one of our StudyLink Student Counsellors.

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i did Graphic Designing and i will like to majored in Fashion Designing and i will also like to know the duration of the course and details of the fees.thank you for your co-operation.i hope to hear from you soon

i want to ask that if any university in uk where Ilets are not required to get admission. i was asked you yesterday about the scolarship so tell me please how to apply for scolarship for the purpose of admission bcause i can't afford so many formalities. Thank you.

Am working as a welder&metal worker but I need to study about new welding systems .but my country its difficult todo. in your univercity can I have any courses about it??

I want to be o Business Man.Now I'm Studying at Foreign Trade Univesity.After the graduate, I need to study MBA.Can you give me more information about it,especally your university's Scholarship.Thank you very much.

i would like to study in france. Iview my carerr as fashion desigener.

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