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Join the growing ‘green collar’ workforce

Around the world, countries are responding to the threat of climate change with new government policies, products and services. Millions of new graduate jobs will be created in this new ‘green’ sector, all requiring very different professional business skills.

Very few universities already meet this need. Some offer specific programs in environmental studies or geography, but the challenges facing the global ‘green economy’ need a broad multi-discipline approach. Students will need to:

  • Understand the scientific basis for greenhouse emissions
  • Recognise the range of alternative energy efficient technologies
  • Develop organisational change and behaviour modification strategies
  • Acquire the financial skills needed to manage carbon accounts

Businesses that develop these abilities will enjoy spectacular growth in the new low carbon economy.

An alternative Masters of Business, from the Monash Graduate School of Business

Monash University has been a leader in sustainability education for many years, primarily within its Faculties of Science, Engineering and Arts.

The Graduate School of Business has partnered with the School Geography and Environmental Science to provide a Master of Business specialising in sustainability. It’s an industry-focused alternative in postgraduate studies, which provides the skills needed by climate change professionals.

“This Masters Degree has a strong emphasis upon personal development, corporate governance and social responsibility. It will suit a wide range of prospective students, including candidates without prior studies in business, who want to extend their skills in the vital area of business sustainability,” explains course director Wayne Gumley.

Students will graduate from this program ready to help businesses confront the increasing social and environmental constraints ahead. It can also provide a research pathway for students interested in higher degrees by research.

The sustainability specialisation extends the corporate governance and social responsibility foundations of the program. At least six additional units deal with specific areas of business sustainability, including:

  • Scientific perspectives on sustainability,
  • Measurement and reporting of sustainability and greenhouse performance,
  • Legal obligations (environmental and climate related legislation)
  • Social and environmental impacts on business decision making

Students in the program have the opportunity to take part in field trips, industry visits, and carbon market simulations, with presenters from a wide range of relevant disciplines.

For more information on the Master of Business please contact the Monash GSB at 1300 748 990, email [email protected], or visit the web at

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