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A world of choice

Once you’ve made the life-changing decisions to study overseas, the next question is, of course, where? And the choice can take you far beyond the traditional international education hubs of the US, UK and Australia.

In fact, a recent UNESCO publication estimated that there are more than 70 countries with significant international student populations. And with so many of these countries teaching in English, you can study just about anywhere in the world.

So, how do you decide where to study? Is it more important to study in a country where English is spoken as its first language? Or do ‘non-traditional’ education destinations, such as China, France, Turkey and Japan (to name just a few) offer better value for money?

Four reasons for study

The actual decision of ‘where do I study?’ usually comes down to four key criteria:

International recognition and reputation: Will your qualification be recognised in other countries? Will it help you get a better job?

Culture and lifestyle: What will student life be like? What kind of cultural experience will you have? Will you have the chance to make friends from around the world?

Financial: Are tuition and living expenses affordable? What sort of financial aid or scholarships are available?

Languages: What language will you be taught in? Do you speak it well enough to study well? What other languages can you learn while you study? Will you be able to practice these languages in real life situations?

A world-class degree, closer to home

According to the recent QS Graduate application research report, for over 70% of international graduate students international recognition is the most important factor. But within each country there is an abundance of choice: universities and colleges with different rankings, reputations and areas of expertise. And now that many American, English and Australian universities have campuses in ‘off-shore’ locations, the choice is even broader.

For example, you can study for a Canadian MBA through McGill’s Tokyo campus. Or graduate with a Business Degree from Australia’s Edith Cowan University by studying in Kenya or Zambia. Or fast-track your way through one of the world’s best, and most global, MBA Programs at any of the Hult International Business School campuses: Boston, London, Dubai or Shanghai.

These ‘off-shore’ campuses give students access to the same world-class teachers and support team as their on-campus students. They can also provide opportunities to continue your study in other countries, or immigration credit points to help you work abroad. And by studying closer to home, geographically, you can save money on travel and also combine work or other family commitments with your study.

For Takashi Tsutsumi, studying with McGill in Japan provided two key benefits: “I was able to work and get my MBA at the same time and had no need to go to North America for a North American MBA.  I'm happy with my decision to join the program, due to the quality of the professors and classmates, the reputation of McGill and the fact that there is no compromise in the content versus what I would find in North America."

Around half the students in Takashi’s class were English-speaking Japanese, and the half came from countries as diverse as Canada, Brazil, Belgium and India. As well as studying a high-ranking North American MBA, they had a unique cultural experience in Japan, and the opportunity to also learn a second (or third) language. And this is, ultimately, what many more employers look for in an increasingly global economy.

Learn another language (or two!)

It is becoming more common for international students to get their bachelor degree in their own country, a postgraduate qualification in another country, and then work in a third country. So, on top of studying both your qualification and improving your English, it pays to learn a third or fourth language too.

Sounds exhausting? It doesn’t have to be – by studying in a country where English is not spoken in everyday life, you’ll acquire it out of school hours without much effort. This is one reason why more international students study in Europe than any other region. And France is leading the way in providing English-language tuition, especially at its many business schools.

Vatel International Business School offers international hotel management and tourism degrees at 21 schools on four continents. Its main campus is in Paris, and all three levels of degree (bachelor, master or MBA) are taught in English.

Sharda, from India, graduated with a Masters degree in international hotel management from Vatel in France: “I looked into the possibility of studying in the USA, Canada and Switzerland, but I finally chose France. With 75 million foreign tourists per year, it is the most visited country in the world. For me, it was therefore the best place to learn all the ins-and-outs of the art of receiving guests, Western style.

I chose to come and study at Vatel because the teaching is in English, but I also have the opportunity to learn French. I also knew that I would have the opportunity to study with students who come from the four corners of the world, and this is important for those of us who want to work in hotel or tourism management, as we need to familiarise ourselves with other cultures.”

A truly global future for education

The world is shrinking. More businesses, of all sizes, need employees with language skills and an understanding and awareness of different cultures. And the same applies to non-business careers – research, government, science and design all look to the world.

No matter where you choose to study, you’ll have a competitive edge in this new world. A world where we all think and talk in the same language, and understand the same values. A world without borders? It may just be possible.

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i love to study abroad and i think i know english and in few month i will pass the toffle test
i like to study english litreture and then start to writing novels
the only problem here is that there is no info that where can i start (which country)the visa problems!and then the price
if you can help me with thins informations that would be a great favor
thank you
best regard
fereshteh arbab


hello .. my name is suresh and i am from hyderabad and i am going to Australia ( SYDNEY) so i have opted for Masters of professional Accounting(MPA) course so i want to know how is that course and what is the scope of that course in australia.. does this course will fetch me good career in near future..

Expecting a prompt reply from your side. thanking you....

I am ready to learn new skill.

i wanna study abroad anywhere but i wanna do my 12th coz i flunked in 11th please help me out guys!

Hello! My name is Michele Gepiga from Philippines. I wanted to take MBA at Canada, but I want to take it as part time only. I will be the one who will fund my study because and I cannot afford all the expenses that much. I need to work there while studying. Can this would be possible for me? Please, help me materialize my dream! Thanks

im satees, from srilanka,but whil be studying from malaysia in IT,than i like study in any one europ......... how can iwill study at europ, becouse i aske you im a asian guy,can did u help as,,,,,,,,

Thank for yr mail,
I have a desire to go US or Singapore to continue my studying and get a MBA degree, but now I'm afraid my family can not supply the finance for my learning, so if anyone have trouble relative with me, plz share with me how can you conquered this problem. Thanks so much @@


hw to get admission in m.b.a in abroad countries like U.S, AUSTRALIA n w i'll get a gud job over there nw i m a engg student i want 2 take admission in september 2010?

i want to do my MBA in singapore.since, i cant afford to pay total fees,can i do part time job over there?

How can I apply those scholarship program?

Hi i am Nataraj from Bangalore-India

I would like to go for Corraspondance MBA in good Austrelian Universitys. Please help me in providing the universitys contact details and joing formalities.
If you can provide the above required details that would be a great favor.

i am humera.i want to study abroad but icant afoord the expences.tell me where i should contec for free education or scholerships.

i am humera.i want to study abroad but icant aford the expences.tell me where i should contect for free education or scholerships.

hi i want to study in abroad but cannt afford expensis tell me the procedure

I am now studying degree mathematics with statistics,
and now I am in second semester. Therefore, I am
really glad to know how can I transfer my credit, and
can someone suggest me an university with mathematics
course one. I get 3.7 for last semester, so I am
really glad to study abroad in mathematics course.

Thank You.
Shahirah bt Abu Bakar.

plz tel me abt the study of MS in electronics eng in germany. also provied me the complete list of universiy of electronics engq

Dear Mam or Sir
My name's Kasra and I'm from Iran. I'm truly afraid that the policies of Islamic government of Iran affects my life as a student in another country and even those universities that I like studying at. Would you please tell me that should I be concerned about these issues and if so, then how deep it would go.
best regards

I am George Warioba.I want to study abroad,for the time being i am studying mining engeneering course, certificate level,but i want go further on studying on the same course but icant afford the expenses.Please notify me on how i can get scholerships or free education if possible

I am Md. Ziaur Rahman, a Master's holder in Accounting also a Professional Income Tax Practitioner, Now I stady in Chartered Accountancy in The Institute of Chartered Accountant of Bangladesh from February 01, 2007, Now I want to stady in aboard in Australia/Canada/ UK, So, how Can I go to there and countinue my stady asuseal,

Best regard,
Cell: +8801911708098

i have done my graduation in laboratory technology.please help in finding a suitable course that is in high demand in australia and will help me in getting permanent residence after its completion alongwith any placement if possible. Waiting for ur reply

Hallo Mrs or Mr....
I 'd like to learn more and more in feature. But I've no any condition, So that pl halp me ,and how I can i gety my postcards and visa, I've so many problems,

dear sir ,
i am a student in 12th standard . But thinking about the future i refered too u. Can a small boy having no expirence in any kind job go study with caring with out money with u r help . Ishall be very obliged if u get consernend with me .
Thank's for u r corporation .if intrested do mail me some detail infrmation.

I want to study in the university of canada.My family is not unable to give any support.But I want to study in canada.So what can I do ? my E_mail no:[email protected]

hi iam a student pursuing my B.Tech..
i need to do my M.S in genetic engineering..
which country can i prefer to go and to study in well reputed university how much mark i need to score in my GRE and IELTS examinations..? can you give me a rough idea about this..?

thank you.

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