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The best of both worlds: new postgrad options at UQ

Provider SpotlightThe University of Queensland

If you are looking for a postgraduate program that will enhance your skills in engineering or information technology, and give you the management skills you need to be a future industry leader, then The University of Queensland's School of Information Technology & Electrical Engineering (ITEE) has just announced the perfect program for you.

The new two-year programs include the Master of Engineering (Management) and the Master of Information Technology (Management).

The Master of Engineering (Management) combines postgraduate studies in selected fields of Engineering (electrical and software) with studies in business management.

"This new program will assist students with their future personal and professional career development," the Head of UQ's School of ITEE, Professor Paul Bailes, said.

"Students can become future engineering industry leaders by combining their engineering skills with key business management skills," he said.

The Master of Engineering (Management) allows students to study software engineering or electrical engineering in the fields of biomedical, power systems or microwave telecommunications.

The Master of Information Technology (Management) aims to broaden students' career opportunities by developing their skills in IT application development in combination with key business management skills.

Professor Bailes said that the program had especially been designed for students who wanted to develop new IT skills and become inspirational IT business leaders of the future.

You can tailor your own study plan and undertake IT courses including web design, information systems development or database technology. You can also undertake business courses such as accounting, human resource management or information analysis and design.

This program is ideal for students who already hold a bachelors degree in any field that did not focus on core Information Technology courses.

You can begin your studies at UQ as soon as Febuary or July 2009 - applications are now open for both programs.

For more information visit or

CRICOS: ME (Mgmt) 065384G
CRICOS: MInfTech (Mgmt) 064995M



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