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"My dream is to study abroad in 2009 – Can you help?”


“Yes, we can.

StudyLink counselors are here to help you by:

  • choosing the best course that meets your academic and career goals
  • preparing and submitting your application
  • obtaining a student visa
  • answering your questions
  • contacting universities, colleges and schools on your behalf

– all without charge.

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hi anna,
i just want to know that i have completed B.Com with pass class n i want to go abroad for further studies can i get addmission at london in reputed college? N if yes,
than please tell me the fees & procedure.

I wish to pursue my master's degree. However, I do not have enough funds to further my masters. Do you have any ways or means as to help me with my current situation?

I wannna continue my studies in Australia. Pls. let me know in detail

I am Nandan Datta.I have completed diploma in electrical form Govt. Polytechnic Institute.Now I am a student in Southern University Bangaldesh In ECE Dept.I want make my carrer in aboard. I am a poor. can u help me .

Dear anna....
I am from Malaysia ... i would like to do my PHD in Human Resource Management or PHD in Education because i have a diploma in Finance, Degree in Human resource Management and my Master is in Education... so i am looking forward to pursue my study in UK... could u please suggest me which universities that is at the top in current for me to further my study.. i would like to know for both.. either PHD in Human Resource or PHD in Education... i dont want to study in London coz cost of living is very high.. suggest me the country that can provide me a Halal product ( Islamic Foods)... TQ

I am Tamanna Jain, and I have completed B.C.A as graduation course. now I want to do post graduation but I don't know which is better for me M.C.A or M.B.A. Can You suggest me? and I also don't have money to study further Because I am a poor.
Can you help me?

Dear Anna Hi,

I am Tuba from Afganistan,I would like to study in Nursing Course of in Austrilla,to improve my skill and my experince,i like to work in hospital during my study.

with best regard,


Halo ann,
I am Ricky, from Timor leste. I have completed the theory of agriculture sience. I would like to continue and complete on this faculty but actually I from poor family that they could not support me, so good you kindly help and give me any good way?

i need to know how much moneyi need to this courses.because i havent much mny

hey i m in my second year of bachelor of accounts and finance..i wanna do my masters in finance..can u plss tell me some reputed colleges in Canada and UK..

hi anna i want to study my masters degree in clinical psychology. i would love if i get it in usa.


i completed my A'levels in sciences namely maths, chemistry and biology, i want to do a degree program in Mechanical Engineering with distance education. Currently m located in Botswana, i would even appreciate if you any branch near Gaborone.

I am asking for my son. I will be an elderly care giver there in Australia and I want to bring my son along. How can I find an affordable school for him. I am a widow so I will support him alone. Help!

Pls my Auntie wants to study an undergraduate course in Business admin preferably in Istanbul, Turkey and she is ready to pay all the necessary fees. How can you get admission for her.

hi Anna,
im sachin upadhyay .im 19yrs of old .i want to do my hospitality diploma from AUS....
How to apply and should be taken further steps .
kindly tell me

My name is Amir. My wife and I both have system of energy MSc degree and Mechanical engineer BSc degree.We want to continue on PhD in related field in Australia or USA.I need your help.

i am jamal I have complete master degree . I want to professional course . can u help me

Hello Anna,i am medical doctor from nigeria who like to special in surgery,please how can i get the best school in uk or usa for the course.

bonjour Anna: je suis un algerien , j'ai 35 ans je travaille agent administratif, j'ai un baccalaureat serie science de la nature + 2ans science exactes option mathematique à l'université de blida algeria.
je veux votre aide pour realiser mon reve c'est de contenuation et poursuivre mes etudes en colombie britannique canada et je souhaite de trouver une fammille d'acueille pour apprendre bien l'anglais.
j'aime votre aide pour realiser mon reve pour d'etre un jour un savant ou chercheur dans les phisyques et mathos. merci.
Hello Anna: I am an Algerian, I have 35 years I have worked administrative officer, I have a Bachelor of Science Series nature + 2years option mathematical sciences at the University of Blida, Algeria.
I want your help to realize my dream and it is content to continue my studies in British Columbia Canada and I want to find a fammille of aceuille to learn English well.
I like your help to realize my dream of one day becoming a scientist or researcher in the physically and mathos. thank you

i want to go study in canada my next semester which is in april can yu help me?apply fast to schools and visa?

where is the ms in automotive with low price

hai how are you
Iam studying in BE(CIVIL)3rd year beforecomplete in one year. i would like to study in ME.HELP FOR ME

Iam emanuel luzigah from tanzania east africa . i would like to study abroad for busness administration but i am poor can u help me how to apply?

Iam emanuel luzigah from tanzania east africa . i would like to study abroad for busness administration but i am poor can u help me how to apply?

One of my students want to go to Newzealand for studies.She has done her Post Graduation In English Literature and has scored 6 bandsin IELTS.Suggest a suitable course and the name of the university or college in Auckland

Hi am christie from Ghana and will like to do a nursing course in Australia. please can you help me find a school. thanks.

Hi am christie from Ghana and will like to do a nursing course in Australia. please can you help me find a school. thanks.

Hi Anna, i need 2 know about any university/college i can get admission in NY which that starts in summer semester. any subjedt will do coz my boyfriend is waiting for me there...He'll provide me as sopnsor, but dont know what to do,even where to start!!! Cant find anything that starts in March,April or May!!!...Can u help me with a subjet and the college info in NY that starts in summer?

Hi Anna,
I'm so proud of you that you will have a bright future by continuing to study abroad. I extremely expect that you will get what you need,but for me is very different because I don't have any money to study in university, not only study abroad, but also in my country. I cannot afford to pay for school fee in a private school, but I'm looking for scholarship so if you have experiences in getting scholarship, please advise me.

Thanks for your help!

From a very poor man in Cambodia, but really want to improve the knowledge.

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