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Ready to go? Don’t forget to…


The ultimate pre-departure and post-arrival study abroad guide

Planning and preparation. It’s vital when you’re about to move to the other side of the world, to another culture and possibly a different language, to study a new course with people you’ve never met. You’ll be more confident about it all if you know you’re completely organised.

A few months before…

  • Get your passport and visa sorted.
  • Finalise any scholarship applications or financial aid.
  • Book your flights, including connecting flights. Make sure you know someone will meet you at the airport.
  • Book your on-campus accommodation (if necessary).
  • Organise your travel insurance and health insurance - in some countries you must have medical insurance, so check the conditions of your student visa. If you are heading to Australia, contact BUPA for more details.

One month before…

  • Talk to others who have studied or lived in that country – and if possible in that region.
  • Buy a travel guidebook and watch movies from your new country.
  • Read a book, or online newspapers, about the country or city.
  • Make sure you’re up to date with a medical and/or dental check up and get any necessary vaccinations. Stock up on any prescriptive medication you might need (but be aware there are limits on how much you can bring through customs when you enter the country!)

Two weeks before…

  • Think about what you really need to pack. Be ruthless. You’ll probably have to fit your life for a year (or more) into a suitcase or a rucksack. Pack a change of clothes in your hand luggage, just in case that suitcase ends up somewhere else.
  • Photocopy your tickets and passport, and note your credit card and travellers checks numbers. Give these to your parents, in case they get lost.
  • Make arrangements for your money – check if you can use an ATM when you get there, and what documents you’ll need to open a new back account.

When you get there…

  • Attend all the orientation events and welcome sessions to get a feel for the area, the people and the student support services.
  • Walk around as much as you can – get used to your new campus and neighbourhood.
  • Open a new bank account, buy a cheap phone card, and find out where the nearest doctor is (possibly on-campus at a medical centre).
  • Meet the team at the International Student Support centre – they can help you with any questions, from where to buy food to what kind of bus ticket you need. If you feel like you’re struggling (and that is also quite normal) they have professional, confidential counsellors who can help as well.
  • Set up your room with some reminders of home and call your parents.

Now you can get out there, explore your new country and make the most of this amazing opportunity! And don’t forget to study…

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Remember to make sure you have at least 6 months on your passport and several blank pages for visa stamps!

Relax - it will all be great when you get there! But prepare as much as possible in advance. Try buying a Lonely Planet guide for that country or city - might be a few $$$ but worth it for the advice.

Remember not to bring food stuffs into the country your are studying in without checking first - you can get fined on arrival. And they do have most things you'll want to buy anyway. I've heard of students their bringing mum's rice steamer!

Make friends with local students quickly - be brave! Hanging out with students from home is easy, but you won't get the full experience.

hi, sir or mam
you have told me so many things .thanks for this
kindly tell me what i have to do to moov fast to Aus....

kindly let me all the basic things.

I always get your news letter and I read the opportunities that one can get by studying abroad. But I'm not sure how and when I can get this opportunity. would you mind telling me this please.
thank you

My Name is Nasrullah Channa. Me belongs to Larkana Sindh pakistan. Me belongs the city of Benzeer Bhutto City. Can i study in Autralia Or Canada. Can i ask you one Question. You get me the Visa of Australia or Canada or me given the Visa of my own money.
With Best Wishes.
Your Obediently,
Nasrullah Channa.

hello how are you every one?
i want to study in uk. can i do it?
plz rep me.
me nazir live in kabul.

Dear Sir/Madum

I am Dr. Chandana, a Research Assistant at the Department of Oral Pathology, and Faculty of Dental Sciences of Peradeniya University in Sri Lanka. I have followed an M -Phil research degree (two-year, full time), in this faculty. My area of research interest is Molecular Pathology of Oral Carcinogenesis. I have a great interest in doing further studies in this area. Could you please advice me how to apply for a scholarship. Thanks.

I got Admission in Niagra College,Canada for Mechanical Studies (Diploma). But Visa has rejected twice due to lack of financial documents of my parents. So what can I do next? Can I go for an Appeal? Or any options for get visa.
I opted to go only to canada.
Any other options like migration (less duration) or anything?
Please reply me.

i'm sorry i never get some visa,i'm new for this is.i don;t have comment,,cause i don't know what must i do ok!

I want to leran and leran more then more.

Hello Sir and medam
I am Ehsanullah Wardak, Form Afghanistan
I need to leran more education in farghin country.
if you help me in this case it will be your kind.
Thanks alot.

i want o study in Australia pls tel me how ?my edu.status is now maste degree

Aman from ethiopia +251911687047 want to study Master degree, background is history

I am so verry Happy because u always gift me many information about english course. I hope so more information about haw I can lern english more.

hi me saleem belongs to peshawar want to study in want a study visa to sweden.

hi friends,i really want to study in US pls show me the easiest way to get my visa if possible a scholarship.hope to hear from you soon.bye for now...

Good Day!
Sir/ Madam,
it is really my wish to go to other country and study. however, i have concerns regarding on visa, health insurance, map & other requirements. I don't know where and how to get all those requirements.I don't have enough money to comply all those requirements to study abroad.I am so much willing to go abroad and study. I hope you can help me. More Power and GOd Bless..

contact me please call:+084313589766or [email protected] u&me can be best friend

i want study in australia

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