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Study abroad: time to realise your dreams!

	Study abroad: time to realise your dreams! You’re reading this because, deep down, you know that studying overseas could change your life. And it will - in so many ways. The places you’ll go, the people you’ll meet and the things you’ll learn. The challenges you’ll face along the way will also teach you a lot about yourself. It’s not always easy – sometimes it will feel quite daunting – but StudyLink will help you at every step of the way.

This article is about each stage of the journey, and the ways we can help you. So read on to find out how you can achieve your most important New Years’ Resolution – to study overseas in 2009 or 2010!

Step 1: Plan, find, compare

It’s important to look carefully at all your options. Which country, which course and which university? You can research and compare over 80,000 courses online through the StudyLink website. Make a list of all the things that are important to you – things such as (in no particular order):

  • Culture, climate, lifestyle
  • Academic reputation
  • International student support
  • Expertise in your subject area or industry
  • Cost of tuition and availability of financial aid

You can also search through our recent Student Adventures articles for ideas on new courses, provider rankings, scholarships and the unique advantages of studying in different countries. It’s a great way to learn more about all the opportunities out there. And don’t forget to register for our subject guides, which will give you exactly the information you need if you know exactly what you’re interested in studying.

Step 2: Ask lots of questions

Once you have narrowed things down to your top five or so courses or universities, start asking questions. Get free, impartial advice from the StudyLink counsellors by email, or through the online forums. They can help you make the right decision for you.

You can also ask questions through our online chats – talk directly with university representatives, such as the international office or the faculty director.

And you can ask other fellow students questions too – share the knowledge you have all found through our online discussions. You may end up making virtual friends that you will then meet in person during your orientation!

Step 3: It’s time to apply

Make sure you know exactly what the admission requirements are, such as IELTS scores and proof of academic results. Check the deadlines too – you need to apply well in advance, so if you’re thinking about starting later this year you really should be applying now! Again, your StudyLink Counsellor can help you with all of this.

Many of the institutions listed on the StudyLink website let you apply online, which makes in very quick and simple. You can save your application as you go, and return to it later. Once you upload all your supporting documentation and send the application, the StudyLink counsellor will take care of the rest.

They’ll make sure the application is completed correctly, and then track it for you while you wait to hear the result. Think of it as someone on your side, holding your hand, through a part of the process that can be quite nerve-wracking!

Step 4: Success!

Congratulations – you’ve been offered a place! The countdown is on to your first day at University.

You can now also apply for a scholarship if you’re eligible – ask your StudyLink counsellor for more information. You now need to get your visa application underway, and start looking for flights.

There’s a lot to do before you go, so check our pre-departure checklist for more information.

Step 5: More culture, less shock

Hopefully your first few days won’t be too strange. It’s normal to feel some kind of culture shock, but if you prepare yourself well you will find your feet very quickly.

Take advantage of all the great orientation activities – meet the other new students, explore your new town, and remember to keep in touch with your family and friends via email, Facebook or MySpace, or a blog!

And don’t forget to let us know how you’re doing too – we’re still here to help, and we’d love to know how it’s going.

Make 2009 the year to realise your study dreams – just talk to us if you need advice on how to get started.

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I am from Pakistan and want to get admission in MBA.What is the critera to get admission?
I am Bachelors and have been working in Pvt Limited organisation for more than a decade.Could you please let me know about my eligibilty.
Kind Regards
Irfan Shaukat


my name is Aziz i live in uzbekistan tashkent city i study in economical university now 3th of course i know english language but small my mobile number is

Sex : male
Age : 24
Job : student
Location: Cambodia, Phnom Penh

its a good information, after this I hope could send application letter to get scholarship in program Master
Thanks for your attention

Could you please let me know about your study overseas in Australia and UK expenses for MBA.I am Bachelor and have more a decade experience in private organisation.
Thanks and Regards

im sachin upadhyay from India , i want to study in hospitality .kindly let me know all the to apply

I would like know whether there is p.hd programme in your universities.

iam from Afghanistan i would like to start IT . please kindly offer me all the information regarding the scholarship.

i am roedeleen cordero from philippines and i am interested to take masteral course in canada. do u have any offer for me? i'm a nursing graduate. please contact me at +639223585005.. thanks and God bless! and i hope you could help a lot of people who are in need to took up masteral courses..

I graduated in Computer Science and now I want to continue my studing in Australia what shall I do?
I don't have enough money,is it good for me?

Could you please let me know about your study overseas and its cost in Australia and Japan.I am Bachelor and have more a decade experience in private organisation

i am pakistani and i am studying engineering in malaysia but i want go to australia and i dont have enogh money to go there its difficult for me to survey here plz provide me information regarding to scholership

my name noman siddiq and i am from pakistan i am studying english language in UK and i dont have enogh money to go there its difficult for me to survey here plz provide me information.regarding the scholarship.
I am Bachelors and have been working in Pvt Limited organisation for more than a decade.Could you please let me know about my eligibilty. my cel # +92-0333-2609260

hi am abigail i really,really need a scholarship to study in the US but finance is my every big problem pls help me get a scholarship.thanks in advance.hope to hear from u soon.

Hi. This is Jeany-Lou Molde from the Philippines. I am much interested to further my studies. Are there any scholarships for international students? I mean poor international students....

I live in Laos and I wanna get an Ausaid Scholarship to study in Australia. Plz tell me the the way to get it.

i prefer all your assistance

I am a college graduating student and I want to pursue a masteral's degree in marketing/banking administration abroad. Is there an scholarship study grant for this course?


I'm pakistani doing my Diploma in mechanical engineering.
I want to study Mechanical engineering in Germeny in One of those univirsities which offer totally free education.
Kindly help me.

I really liked this post. Can I copy it to my site? Thank you in advance.

i am a bachelor in nursing here in the Philippines... I just wanna know if there is such thing as educational center in australia... And i just wanna know more about this because i really want to go in Australia... pls e mail me... thank you...

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I'm a student in grade ten. I'm preparing to reply on scolarship for year one at university. What should i do?

I would like to thank the author for this marvelous efforts .I appreciate your efforts in preparing this post. I really like your blog articles.

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