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UK: The Huddersfield guide to computer science study

HuddersfieldThe IT industry has witnessed many ups and downs, but as computer science careers are so diverse you can still choose your own path to success.

Julie Wilkinson, Principal Lecturer (Information Systems and Computing) at the University of Huddersfield, shares her insights into what you should look for when choosing your computer science course.

How will a computer science degree develop my career?

Every course should provide a critical core of theoretical knowledge. Then look for practical experience, including case studies and lab-based exercises, as well as live projects with industry collaboration. Working in project teams with industry-style facilities is great for your CV.

Computer science is an ever-changing discipline. Make sure your course delivers up-to-date knowledge that meets IT industry needs by checking:

  • Study resources - the software and hardware available;
  • Course content – this should include topics such as IT and network security, forensic computing, biometrics, mobile and computing;
  • Assessment style – this helps develop your professional skills through presentations, practical demonstrations, simulations, experiments, system specs, software, applications, and project documentation - not just academic essays and exams.

Can I gain IT experience while I study?  

Employment opportunities are a very important part of modern degrees. A University may work with regional employers to generate part-time, paid work in the IT industry while you study.

Some courses offer short-term, in-company internships, typically for two or three months. Make sure these are paid and an accredited part of your qualification.

‘Sandwich’ courses include a years’ fully paid placement with major players in the IT industry. You could work in the UK or overseas.
IT placement salaries usually pay £12-17,000 p.a. with global organisations like Microsoft, IBM, GlaxoSmithKline, Oracle, Cummins, and TCS.

Many successful placements provide excellent final year projects, and could lead to graduate job offers.  

What careers are computer scientists entering?

Computer scientists are everywhere: industry, education, research and self-employment.  

Graduates work worldwide in software development, project management, research and development (public and private sectors), web site development, database administration, network services management, forensic science and IT consulting.

In-company IT jobs can pay less than consulting, but provide essential business operations and industry sector experience and can accelerate your career path into consulting, contracting or self-employment.  

University Careers Services can guide you through the many options. Some also provide essential guidance and practical resources to help you set up your own business.

Student success at Huddersfield

Aisha Jilani, from Pakistan, achieved an MSc with Distinction after receiving much recognition for her academic work during her Master’s program.

She became interested in an academic career in knowledge management and knowledge engineering, and was offered both a teaching and research post at the University of Huddersfield under the International Graduate Scheme - now the Post-Study Work Scheme. Aisha recently gained a University Scholarship to undertake her PhD with the University full-time in 2008.

To learn more about the computer science courses at Huddersfield, talk with one of our student counsellors.

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iam applying study abroad but me guide line plzz in computer science education okii

Great points!

The thing about the computer industry is that it constantly evolving and changing in a fast pace. That is why coping would be a greater challenge for people who wants to pursuit related fields on computer and technology in general.

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