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"Can you help me understand the new UK points based visa system for international students?"


The new points-based visa system means that you need to obtain a certain amount of ‘points’ before you can apply for a student visa. For adult students you need 40 points in order to apply for a student visa.

How do I get 40 points?

You can get 30 points by having a letter from your approved education provider (university or college) showing that you are enrolled on a course. You can get the other 10 points by providing proof of funds to cover your course fees, living costs etc. This should be in the form of a bank statement or letter confirming you have enough money.

More information can be found at the UK Government Home Office website

If you are looking for further help about applying for a UK student visa, please complete the Ask A Counsellor form which will help us to give you more detailed advice. It only takes a minute and I’ll contact you to discuss your course options.

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As you said that there is only need to get 40 points which are divided as 30 for enrolment and 10 for funds, so there is no need of IELTS if choosen university exempt it? am I right?

If you've choosen University, anyway you must show your IELTS results(certificate) to University and to Consular officer to proof of your english ability enough to take classes conducting in English.And not expelled that you can be invited for an interview with consular officer.

Hi Anna am not shure i will get that 40 points you want b/cause my country money is not in Pounds is in Naira so how do i do?

Hello Mrs Anna,
it`s real pleasure for me to study oversea,but i can not arrive to take this because i don`t have possibility,tell me don`t have any chance for me?

which university in the USA studies facility management?state/private university and how do u go about it

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