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"Can you help me understand the new UK points based visa system for international students?"


If your native language is not English the answer is “yes”. All international students have to prove a certain level of English ability before undertaking undergraduate or postgraduate study where the mode of instruction is in English.

Most universities or colleges will require you to show proof of English language ability as part of the application process. It is possible to apply before taking an exam, but in order to be accepted you must submit your test scores to the institution.

Both IELTS and TOEFL are accepted at most institutions worldwide. In general, IELTS is the preferred test in the UK and Australia and TOEFL is the preferred test for North America.

Contact a counsellor if you have any more questions about English language requirements: [email protected]

If you are looking for suitable courses overseas please complete the Ask A Counsellor form which will help us to give you more detailed advice about your study options. It only takes a minute and I’ll contact you to discuss your course options.

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Hello, Dear Anna,
I would like to apply to Australian University. But every study link or university web page I can't find the apply now button. So how can I apply and send my material to you? Please give me some information on this.

Dear Anna,
I'd like to do my Ph.D. at USA and I have a TOEFl iBT score 65. I'm looking for graduate schools of natural science (Geology or Earth science Department).
could you help me to find the list of the USA graduate schools which can accept my TOEFl iBT score (65).
Thank you

dear anna,
i want to take admission in uk in subject financial analysis but my degree has completed in food science so give me the way

dear anna,
i want to take admission in uk in subject financial analysis but my degree has completed in food science so give me the way

dear anna,
i want to take admission in uk in subject financial analysis but my degree has completed in food science so give me the way

I want to study in rich country.How would i help from you.

there is any nedd to pass gre or toefl to study in USA

what score i want to get

hi Anna,

can you undustaned me what i can do for after gragute...
you can suggest me..?

Hi Anna dear i am in the 3'rd year of my my degree program that is BE (Electrical Engineering) i would like to have Masters degree in the Businesss Management from Australian University i've more than 1.5 years to complete my BE so please give me some idea that which university will be best for me and i also need some scholarship for continuing education, so please give me detailed answer.

Does Australian Universities like the ANU, McGuire, MIT or the Sydney Univ of Tech accepts TOEFL score and is GRE necessary for applicants? What are the chances of getting scholarships in an Australian university?

dear Anna,
thanks for responce.till now i do not apply for toefl and it takes few months for prepararation and attempt for toefl.if i want admission in winter session2009,what can Ido,can I apply without toefl result?can i submit toefl result after getting admission?
Iam intrested in german universities for p.g /doctoral courses.

hello anna,
this is nirvi patel here, i study in third year of information technology(B.E),so for competing graduate degree 1 year is remaining, i had given GRE exam for doing MS in US in computer science subject, so when and which university i should apply , please help me...

i got 1020 score in GRE exam..

Is it possible for you to give me on line tests? If yes when and how?
with the best regards
Jamal Habibi

I am very much interested in studying in the fildes of teaching language.I used to be one of yhe best students when I was in the university. Unfortunately in my country and especialy in the department of education in Iran they make lots of different obstacles for those who want to study.Therefore I have decided to leave without pay in the case I am accepted in an appropriate univercity abroad. I have got two houses which I can put out tolease. I can work while I study in the university.I am married and I have got two children who study in grade one in first grade at high school. fortunately they are very clever students. Is it possible in your opinion , for me to arrive at my will? How?
I wishyou success
Jamal Habibi

Dear Anna
I want to get admission in MBA at Melburn University.
I am Bacleor and have been doing a job in Pvt organisation for more than a decades.I have also done an English Language course from British Council.
I am looking farward to hear you a soon as possible.
Thanks and Regards

hi anna,
am doing my graduation now,its take one more year to complete,i wanted to do my post graduation in us, n i need scholarship too, will it be possible. n what score is need 4 gre n tofel....will u plz help me out....

hi anna ,i am dr.niaz i have done my graduation and now i am applying for MSc Dermatology in UK university.I have done 0, level. But i havent done ilets , can i apply now and submit my ilet score later on .

dear Anna
hi Anna, my name is Melfi Tarigan. you can call me dora. right now,i am studing in one of university in Indonesia, exactly in Bogor Agriculture University, my major is forest product technology. I want to continue my education In Monash University, and right now that's just a hope because i am in first grade and still have time to fix my english language and always looking for a scholarship to get there. so that's why, i want that you can help me to find out the exact scholarship for me, may be just about information and how to get. thank you for your kindness Anna. God Bless you

Dear Anna

I am a having an hounor degree of BBA (bachelor of business administration) fresh. Now for further studies (MBA) i want you kindly to guide through the procedures applying in Australia, UK, or USA.

hi dear anna
Iam a general practitioner in Iran.I want to continue my education in one of the medicalmajors PHD,like genetics,immunology and....
I have two is 11 years old and she can speak english well.the other one is 5 and he is studying english,too.
I like to study in countries like u.k,malasia.
please help me.

hi anna.
i want to study in one of the university with work and live.. can you help me?..

hi ihave bsc in nutrtion and i have done ielts and got 6
and i also have scholarship and iam looking for offer letter from uk university can u help me to get offer letter as soon as possible

Hello Dear Anna,
Have a nice day!!!
I want to get education in one of the university of Australia with work (part time job) and live.Can you help me???
I have own business of surgical Instruments, so i want to doing MBA.Please Anna give me best advice.
Awaited your hopefull reply.
Thanx & Best regards,
Usman Qureshi

gud morning anna
i have just completed my +2 frm cbse with 73% and 6.5 in ielts...nw i want to study nursing in edinburgh scotland...can u suggest me the college in edinburgh which is worthy to go?????

dear anna,
am savitha,from India.i would like to pursue mbbs in a good university from london,and i would love to know how to apply,what exams to be written,and if i can get any merit scholarships to study there,please do enlighten me with those details as soon as you can
thanking you



Hello Dear Anna,
Have a nice day!!!
I want to get education in one of the university of Australia with work (part time job) and live.Can you help me???i live in Iran
Iwill finish my studies next year, so i want to doing continue.Please Anna give me best advice.
Awaited your hopefull reply.
Thanx & Best regards,
mehdi tamaddondar

Hi, Anna I would like to apply postgraduate in MBA Scholarsip at UK. Is this available for me. I garduated From Parahyangan University In Bandung at Business Administration 1997. And i've worked until now at my microbusiness, but i can't continue to study at next level because i don't have some money. So that I hope scholarship program at UK. Did you want to help me, so that i can continue my level of education. Thanks

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