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How important is a post-graduate visa?

For many international students, the main point of studying overseas is the option to stay in that country to work once they finish their studies.

It’s not as challenging to do this as you might think. While you study, you have the chance to network with business and potential employers, especially through internships. You become more confident speaking the local language. And your university will usually have a career office to help you with your CV and interview skills.

But some countries make it easier than others. We’re talking about visas, of course. You cannot work anywhere legally without a work visa. And if you work illegally, you could get into far more trouble that you anticipated.

So where is it easiest to work once you graduate?

After study in the UK, you can now apply for a Post Study Work Visa, which gives you two years of employment, but will not count this period towards you residency requirements for permanent settlement.

After study in Canada, you can also apply for a Graduate Visa. The length of time you can stay and work depends on the length of time you spent studying.

After study in Australia, you can apply for a Temporary Skilled Graduate Visa, giving you 18 months to travel, work, study English or complete your Professional Year.

All of these visas can be applied for without an employer sponsorship. And if you do your job well, your employer may choose to sponsor you for a more permanent visa. That’s the plan, anyway!

After study in the US, you will need an employer to sponsor you upfront for a work visa. But there are almost as many visa classes as there are letters in the alphabet, so it’s worth checking with your school first.

And if the current economic climate makes it harder to find work in any of these countries, don’t despair. For just as many international students, the purpose of studying abroad is to also bring that knowledge home, and work in their own country. And that may just turn out to be an even better opportunity than you think.

For more information about post-study work, read our article from last year.

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i want add for IT or MBA plz give me any comments
ok i will b glade uu.

Thank you sir/madam for providing me these important
information .Please continue giving information

Thank you sir/madam for providing me these important
information .Please continue giving information

sir or mame,
please you are response me very soon. i am waiting for your mail.

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