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UK: Financial support for Sheffield’s global students

Sauder School of BusinessWhen Sameeruddin Shaikh, from India, was choosing an MBA course in the UK, he was looking for support. “I short-listed Sheffield Hallam, because it offers a lot of facilities for its students,” he recalls.

“It has an international student support team, always ready to help students in any matter they need. It has accommodation services. The University arranges an induction program. And I received an International Achievement Scholarship, worth £1,000.”

The Sheffield Hallam University International Achievement Scholarship program is open to students from any non-EU country. Each scholarship is worth between £1,000 and £4,000, and is awarded to qualified students who show academic, personal or professional achievement in their application form.

As well as this financial support, “Sheffield Hallam University has excellent and committed lecturers, (who) provide lecture notes and learning resources. Guest lectures give students more exposure and knowledge. And the state-of-the-art Adsetts Centre (library, IT and teaching facilities) is amazing,” says Sameeruddin.

Sharib Yousef was also quite surprised by the main University building. “I thought the buildings would be very old, but they were the opposite! It’s a state-of-the-art university, and the engineering labs are extremely well equipped. The infrastructure in Sheffield, the roads, trains, buses, buildings, theatres, are phenomenal in their range and accessibility,” he says.

“I also found that studying here was quite different to India. Instead of a blackboard, we have to use PowerPoint and slides,” says Sharib. “There is no spoon-feeding, you really have to study for yourself. We do presentations and assignments. My English has improved so much, I am much more confident.”

Sheffield is England’s fourth largest city, with a population of over 500,000 and a student population of over 45,000. It is located in the centre of the UK, and has excellent transport links to all other cities and airports. It is one of the safest cities in the UK and also one of its greenest – a third of the city is within the Peak District National Park.

“The best thing about Sheffield is the people,” Sharib says. “Everybody is friendly here. And it is so multicultural – I don’t feel out of place at all.”

To find out whether Sheffield Hallam is the right choice for you, email the SHU International Office.

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iam looking for scholarship on degree of business education.iam a holder of diploma in business administration.Iam a Tanzanian from east africa

Hi I am Sardorbek Habibov 24 years old from Uzbekistan. I want to study at this University. What demands do you have to study here

Sincerely Sardorbek

Hi I am Sardorbek Habibov 24 years old from Uzbekistan. I want to study at this University. What demands do you have to study here

Sincerely Sardorbek

Hi I am Sardorbek Habibov 24 years old from Uzbekistan. I want to study at this University. What demands do you have to study here

Sincerely Sardorbek

Hi I am Sardorbek Habibov 24 years old from Uzbekistan. I want to study at this University. What demands do you have to study here

Sincerely Sardorbek

I want to study at this University. Please help me

hi this is Amarjeet singh here from india i got the study offer letter from uk college of business and uk i choused the course OCR HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE LEVEL 4 ....PLEASE HELP ME OUT....


Hi, this Ram from India. I have discontinued my graduation and I want to do graduation now. I have an experience of 12+ years of experience in Sales & Marketing field.
Can I complete my graduation while working in UK. Is there any placements for me in UK? Please suggest me.

I am a Mphil student in Plant sciences(Ethnobotany)and very soon i will get degree. now i want to get admission in UK by availing any scholarship in any well reputed university for my further studies of Phd program.

I am a high school English teacher in Iran.With regard to the content based way of teaching I have decided to make my students summeries whatever they have learnt weekly from other sujects in their school scheduals. Of cource they will be free to choose the subjet.I have done whatever preparation they need so for since they have been my students for two year.please give me your kind advice if you think it useful to improve my responcibility.
Yours sincerely
Jamal Habibi

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Please help me in this case that if I can get scholarship or not

Thanks & regards;

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fahimul islam

how do i apply the university

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I am a mosotho guy aged 25 doing a 2nd Year National Diploma in Industrial Engineering at the Cape Pennisula Technikon in South Africa how can I get a scholarship to study at your University.

I am an ETHIOPIAN and I would love to study pharmacy in the university of Queensland, AUSTRALIA1!!!!

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i am studying psychology first year at the university of johannesburg and i want to do my honours abroad.Any recomended universities?

Achievements of the Sheffield Hallam University is really great and marvelous,but i must say that the University is a Higher Education institution in South Yorkshire, England, based on two sites in Sheffield.And the university is the fourth largest in the UK in terms of enrolment,so a great University this is and having great peace of specifications for the students.

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