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Top 10 reasons to choose your study destination

Where to Study?Last month, we looked at the things you should think about when choosing your course. But what if you need - or want - to decide on your destination first?

The truth is it doesn’t matter which way to you start narrowing your choices down, as long as it gets you where you want to be.

So, in this article we look at the Top 10 reasons for choosing a specific country to study in. You all have different reasons for wanting to study abroad, different interests and different needs. But at least one of these tips should lead you down the right path, and help you find the right course for you. If you think of some more, post a comment below!

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Learning the laws of the world

LawSo you want to be a lawyer. Or a solicitor, barrister, attorney. Or you want to fight for human rights, or negotiate complex business deals.

You’ll need a law degree. But laws are different in every country – so is studying law abroad a good idea?

Yes - especially if you want to practice Common Law, or English Law, somewhere in the world. Make sure you find the right law degree for you, with this guide to studying law overseas.

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Australia: Training designed for global students at Menzies

Menzies Institute of TechnologyMenzies Institute of Technology offers accredited Australian vocational courses to international students from around the world.

Located in the heart of Melbourne, one of Australia’s most cosmopolitan cities, the Menzies campus is the perfect place for international students to gain a diploma or certificate qualification. It’s safe and supportive, with all the help you need to settle into a new country.

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UK: Indian law student shines at Swansea

Swansea UniversityAkash Sehdev was anxious at first about studying and living in a new country. But he soon found the confidence to take on extra-curricular roles such as international student ambassador and secretary to the Asian Society.

The Swansea University Business Studies and Law student shared his inspiring story in the British Council’s 2009 International Student Award Competition – and received a runner-up prize of £100.

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USA: Ohio forges international friendships

Swansea UniversityHyeran Chung, from South Korea, is a freshman at Ohio University’s College of Business, majoring in finance. As an international student, she says “we’re different, so we can sometimes be isolated. To me, to say hello to a native English speaker is very difficult, so I was scared to meet an American student.”

It’s a familiar story for new international students. So the College of Business has recently introduced a new international mentoring program.

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Student Poll

Should you study abroad during a recession?

A global financial crisis. Mass unemployment. International firms closing their doors.

In this current economic climate, it’s not surprising that many students are reluctant to pay for international study.

But a recession can be the perfect time to take on a new degree. An education will only make you more employable when things pick up. Because things always do pick up.

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Ask Anna


"Can you help me understand the new UK points based visa system for international students?"


The new points-based visa system means that you need to obtain a certain amount of ‘points’ before you can apply for a student visa. For adult students you need 40 points in order to apply for a student visa.

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Application Deadlines

Australia and New Zealand – Application deadlines are closing soon for July 2009 intake - especially if you live in visa level 3 and 4 countries like India and China.

Do not worry! Submit your application and supporting documents to us by the end of April to qualify. You do not need to scan and attach your documents; a counsellor can do this for you. Contact a counsellor for assistance with selecting a course, completing your applications and confirming your enrolment.

Applications are now opening for 2010 scholarship programs.

USA and Canada – You can still submit your application to start in September 2009, but you should contact your counsellor immediately. We encourage you to apply well in advance to secure a place and to allow time to apply for your visa.

Contact a counsellor for assistance with selecting a course or completing your applications.

UK and Ireland – Submit your application to StudyLink now to start in September 2009, the UK's main term. It is best to get your application in early, as popular courses will start to fill up soon. The application deadline is June 2009.

We recommend you submit your application and supporting documents to us as soon as possible, even with your latest results. You do not need to scan and attach your documents, a counsellor can do this for you. Contact a counsellor for assistance with selecting a course, completing your applications, and confirming your enrolment.

Building a better world…


Which engineering course is right for you?

For over two hundred years, engineers have solved the world’s problems. They have found better ways to do things, and created the structures, machines and technology that we often take for granted.

If you have a technical or scientific interest, you’ll find a wide range of career options as an engineer. And, there is a global shortage of qualified engineers. Driven by the demands of new technologies, new consumer needs, and new problems, over the next ten years this demand for qualified engineers will continue to increase.

In fact, a recent report by the Confederation of British Industry predicts that the UK will need to double the proportion of science and engineering graduates leaving university by 2014, or see those skilled jobs go overseas.

So, what type of engineering course should you study? Civil or chemical? Mechanical or electronic? In this article, we’ll explore the latest trends in engineering study.

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Stand out from the crowd with an MSc at Derby

University of DerbyThe School of Technology at the University of Derby offers two MSc courses, MSc Control and Instrumentation and MSc Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering.

These courses allow you to study a specialist area and will give you the underpinning knowledge you need to register as a Chartered Engineer (CEng).

You’ll be taught by experienced and supportive tutors, who will help you reach your full potential and we’ve got close links with local businesses – including Rolls-Royce, Toyota, Balfour Beatty, Bombardier, Coors breweries, Novartis, Pektron, and Vinci – sector skills councils, professional bodies and the Regional Development Agency, EMDA - so we can keep up to date with the current developments in the industry and pass them on to you in our teaching.

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